What Is The MIDIbox SID?

Reader Anton Ivarsson (Aural Imperfections) shared this video introduction to the MIDIbox SID chiptune synthesizer.

The MIDIbox SID is an open hardware DIY project, inspired by the classic ‘SID’ chiptune sounds of the Commodore 64. In addition to the standard SID functions, it offers four software synth engines.

“SID’ (Sound Interface Device) is the name of the family of sound chips used in classic Commodore computers, including the VC10, C64 & C128. The chip offers three tone generators that offer a variety of waveforms, envelope generators, filters and more. The 8-bit sound and synthesis capabilities of the SID chip help define the sound and style of classic chiptune music.

Midibox SID Resources:

If you’ve built or used the MIDIbox SID, share your thoughts on it in the comments!

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