Native Drops 32-bit Support For Maschine 2

Native Instruments has announced that future versions of Maschine 2 software will be 64-bit only.

The company says that versions released after version 2.7.2 will not be available in a 32-bit version anymore:

With the ever-evolving landscape of computers and operating systems and fewer and fewer MASCHINE users making use of the 32-bit version, we decided that we would discontinue the 32-bit version of MASCHINE at some point in 2018 in order to reduce the time and cost of developing, testing, and deploying new software updates, and to ensure we can take advantage of all the new features and tools provided by the latest operating systems.

However, with the release of MASCHINE 2.7.2 in December, some users have reported problems running the 32-bit version of the software. This has basically forced us to make a decision on this topic now: Instead of investing time and effort into diagnosing, fixing, and distributing a fix for the 32-bit version of MASCHINE shortly before discontinuing it, we have decided to just discontinue 32-bit support immediately.

As such, the next version of MASCHINE will be released with only 64-bit versions of the application and plug-ins. MASCHINE will run standalone in 64-bit mode and will be able to host 64-bit plug-ins. Similarly, MASCHINE will run as a 64-bit plug-in in a 64-bit host. If you’re already using the 64-bit version of MASCHINE, then this change will have no impact on you.

If you are running in 64-bit mode, this should not effect you.

You can check to see if you are running in 32-bit mode by clicking the Maschine logo in the upper left of the interface, which brings up the app’s information window.

Native has full details on the change, along with information on how to transition on your own timetable, at their site.

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3 thoughts on “Native Drops 32-bit Support For Maschine 2

  1. > Native Instruments has announced that future
    > versions of Maschine 2 software will be 64-bit only.

    Bad news. Nobody needs “future versions of Maschine 2 software”! Code a song mode, for God´s sake! MPC Software is ten times better, sequencer-wise, and runs stable now. Wake up, Mate Galic!

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