Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900 Now Available To Pre-Order

Pittsburgh Modular has begun taking pre-orders for the Microvolt 3900, and the synth is expected to ship in late April 2018.

The company describes the Microvolt as ‘a love letter to the analog monosynth’.


  • Voltage controlled West Coast style wavefolder.
  • Switchable harmonically rich sine wave.
  • External preamp with independent 30x gain and output level controls.
  • Classic Pittsburgh Modular low pass filter with extended resonance.
  • Dynamic VCA with standard VCA and dynamic low pass gate modes.
  • Variable overdrive on output.
  • Multi-mode sequencing arpeggiator.
  • Chaotic random CV and gate generator.
  • Multi-tasking function generator works as a voltage controlled envelope, LFO, and oscillator.
  • Highly tuned ADSR envelope generator.
  • 39-point Eurorack format compatible patch bay.

Pricing and Availability

The Microvolt 3900 is available to pre-order now, and is expected to ship April 27.  For more information, check out the Pittsburgh Modular site.

14 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900 Now Available To Pre-Order

  1. Nicely designed semi modular system. Has a fair amount of plus ups. How much is my question. A lot of stiff competition going on out there.

    Reserve my opinion till I see a few more videos on it…

  2. $$629.00 …kinda steep $$ for semi Modular…but has plus ups that will make it competitive ….

    Pittsburg is definitely moving ahead n doing interesting systems…

  3. I was thinking of the SV-1 black box, which is $70 more but has an additional oscillator. SV-1 still seems like the one to get. Any comments to change my mind?

  4. LPG, the Function Generator, nice selection in the Matris I/O to interface to Eurorack n other stand alones like the O-Coast…plus ups….nice sturdy design as well….Pittsburg did a nice job…

    WTH not needed in the reply…is that used to keep people from commenting?

  5. Plus Ups. LPG, intesting VCA, nice function generator, interesting I/O matrix selection to interface to Eurorack. Good sturdy build. Great companion for the O-Coast.i I like where Pittsburg is going.

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