Behringer Vocoder Plus VC340 Hands-On Demo

This video, via Firechild, takes a look at the prototype of the Behringer VC340 – a modern clone of the classic Roland VP330 Vocoder Plus.

The video includes a walkthrough of various synthesis capabilities of the VC340, and a head-to-head comparison against an original Roland Vocoder Plus.

Behringer has made prototypes and is trying to gauge interest in the keyboard, to see if there’s enough interest to merit putting it into production.

Uli Behringer has shared his thoughts on anticipated pricing:

  • If our order book covers at least 1,000 units, it would allow us to sell the VC340 for US$ MAP 999.99.
  • If we can collect orders for more than 5,000 units, we could actually lower the price to US$ 799,99.
  • If we cannot gather at least orders for 1,000 units, we unfortunately would have to abandon the project as we would loose too much money.

Check out the demo and let us know what you think!

26 thoughts on “Behringer Vocoder Plus VC340 Hands-On Demo

  1. Maybe ULI should set up a Kickstarter page for this and start taking pre-orders. At least he would have a better idea about how many serious potential customers he can get to commit to the VC340 and future projects.

  2. Sounds dope. I’d buy it immediately. Though I wish it had pitch and mod wheels. That’s the cool thing about the vp03. Does the Behringer recieve midi for that?

  3. Well done Behringer, this sounds identical to the original. I want one but I hope the UK price is less than £1000 as I could find an original for not much more. Also I’m not sure about the crowdfunding approach to pricing – seems wrong for a large company like this. Behringer should have faith and just put this into production now, it may be a slightly niche product but I don’t see how they could not sell at least 1000 of these worldwide and very likely a lot more.

  4. While they sound similar I found that the original had a lot more character. The behringer was sounding close, but it didn’t sound like it had any life. As for price I’ll rather score the streichfett over this. Leaves me 500,- in the pocket for something else. 🙂

  5. I would be interested for sure, but even more interested in the OBx clone. That is really what I’m waiting for. Thank God for Uli Behringer. I have used their gear now for nearly 20 years I think, lol…started with some studio rack gear, moved on to interfaces, their digital mixers (2) and the deepmind 12. I desperately want that OBx clone!!!

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