Live Eurorack DnB Jam Session

Reader Jason Job shared this live Eurorack jam session, Rise, that ventures into DnB territory.

Here’s what Job has to say about the technical details:

Live eurorack modular synth jam. Sequencing is handled by Varigate 8+ and Voltage Block.

Pad is 2 x Dixie II+ through the Fold Processor and WMD Aperture. Bass is Mannequins Mangrove modulated by en envelope from Tides and an LFO from the Octocontroller.

Drums are all samples loaded into the ER-301.

Rings doing a kind of Gamelan sound. I’m applying CV offsets to 4 different controls on RIngs via an Intellijel Quadratt. Rings stereo output goes into Clouds which has its Position and Size modulated by a couple S&H outputs on the Octocontroller. I play with the Blend knob on the Clouds throughout to adjust its dry/wet mix. Plonk adding a short string sound a couple times.

Reverb send on the Mackie is Eventide Space on a Blackhole setting. Delay send on the Mackie is a Strymon El Capistan.

Recorded 2-track straight into Live through Komplete Audio 6. Some mastering applied with iZotope Ozone.



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