Konstruktor Drum Kit Library For Kontakt

Pornofonic Instruments has released Konstruktor, a drum kit builder for Kontakt 5.7.

Konstruktor is described as a ‘hybrid kit builder and drum designer’. The kit features samples built by starting with custom acoustic percussion instruments that are sampled and then blended with synthesized waveforms. The instruments can also be shaped and colored by over 300 custom convolution impulses.


  • 3,648 48kHz/24-bit stereo samples.
  • 476 Acoustic/synthetic/hybrid instruments.
  • 304 Custom convolution impulse responses.
  • 7 Drum kit slots: 2 kicks, 3 snares, 2 sets of hi-hats.
  • 3 Separate filters per slot with dedicated cutoff/resonance.
  • 6 Randomized round-robin articulation layers.
  • 108 Custom-designed starter kits.

Pricing and Availability

Konstruktor is available now with an intro price of US $55.30 (normally $79).

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