Moog Model 15 Polyphonic Synthesizer With MPE Control

Doug Wood of thesoundtestroom shared this demo of how to use Moog Model 15 as a polyphonic synthesizer with MPE control.

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) is a new standard that gives you control over volume, pitch, timbre, etc over each independent note that you play.

Model 15 is available in the App Store for US $29.99. Seaboard controllers are available via the ROLI site, starting at US $299.95.

26 thoughts on “Moog Model 15 Polyphonic Synthesizer With MPE Control

  1. When I saw the article title, I thought this was an announcement about a new Moog analog hardware poly synth (cue the wu wu wu sound with downward inflection, signifying a loss or disappointment).

  2. Still the best iOS synth on the iPad IMHO. THe Seaboard is a turn off for me though, tried it in the shop and it felt like I was molesting a dead seal. And 300 bucks for just two octaves is a bit much too.

  3. Yeah I thought it was an announcement of the upcoming analog hardware Moog poly also. Who gives a sh_t about plug ins? I expect at Moogfest a poly will be announced in 8 and 16 voice configurations.

      1. Futuresonus Parva, Modor NF-1/m, and Audiothingies MicroMonsta are all already MPE-capable. (There might be one or two others I’m forgetting.) Not big companies, granted

          1. I think MPE synths would be better without keyboard because MPE control preferences varies too much from one user to another. I would personally go with something like the Linnstrument, but others would prefer something like Roli or the K-Board or the X-Key. There are just too many different methods to supply one that will satisfy everyone. Also how much would supplying a MPE keyboard add to the price of the synth?

          2. There aren’t even any current synths with poly-aftertouch keyboards, much less something that’ll generate MPE.

            As JMT points out, MPE controllers are really a different beast.

        1. Linn’s list is likely to expand:
          He doesn’t want to include Axoloti Core though people have done MPE builds. Makes sense. But there’s already hardware support for MPE, is the point.
          As for Moog itself, it probably depends on people’s projects. It’s a small but relatively diverse organization. Polyphony wasn’t their core competency but they did allow Geert to make their iOS apps MPE-savvy, a few years ago. Now that MPE has gone official, we’ll get more demos (with or without sealskin). Eventually, it’ll be a big thing in the Eurorack world. Then, maybe, Moog will leverage their MPE expertise through some hardware release. And people will scoff, yell, cry, rant…

  4. Who gives a sh*t about plugins? I would suggest a huge number of people. Is the Moog Model 15 a plug? No. You “expect” a hardware polyphonic from Moog? I don’t believe they have one ready to ship, but now they know you’re expecting one, I’m sure they’ll focus all their resources to make sure you get what you want.

    1. Actually, Model 15 is a plugin! It has full AUv3 support, so you can use it in BeatMaker 3, GarageBand, or anything else with AUv3 support.

      As a standalone, though it’s also the best synth app on iOS. It sounds amazing and is impeccably well-designed.

    2. Yeah I give a sh*t about plugins too. I have a whole studio full of analog and digital hardware synths, but pretty much do all my writing on plugins these days. Plugins are huge in the LA studio scene here too.


      Someone posted some numbers about NI’s revenue for 2011. If true, obviously many people “give a shit about plug-ins,” and also gave a lot of money and 7 years later my guess is the software side of it has just gotten bigger in terms of $$$. I have three studios full of hardware synths, I could list it all but who gives a fuck lol, truth is most of the time these days I am using my iPads, laptops, and just the plug-ins and software on my Macs and Windows based machines. The last few months I have thought more than once about selling most of my hardware stuff. Hell, my old JP-8000 sits in the closet because Sunrizer on my old iPad 2 basically kicks its ass. JMO’s, but I definitely give more than “a shit about plug-ins.”

      1. Software instruments really can be great-sounding (as well as convenient and portable) and the iPad has many gems, including Moog’s own Animoog and Model 15; Sunrizer’s a terrific supersaw synth as you note (and it also has a Mac version!)

  5. Was also confused by the title. Model 15 has had MPE support for a while. Geert has been working on this. May not have been meant as clickbait but it did make me check the “story”.

      1. It does. But the “newsworthiness” would rely on adding the word “demo” to said title. Otherwise, it’s misleading. Context is key.

  6. If Moog can produce the excellent sounding Model 15 and Animoog polyphonic apps for iOS, why can’t they also produce a Mother32 “iMother32” for iOS ?

  7. You can have a Moog 15 on an iPad and people are still grousing over the details? I look forward to the theoretical day that Moog releases a brave new hardware polyphonic. Immediately, a huge crowd will start shrieking in elitist outrage, as if Hulk Hogan and Beyonce had switched genders. Turn in your wands, you puds; you don’t appreciate magic enough.:))

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