4 thoughts on “Building A Modular Synthesizer, With Baseck

    1. Totally agree.
      Top row of my rack: Euro-modded Monotron with extras such as sub-osc, pulse osc with PWM etc (UNFINISHED), Mini Theremin kit turned into a Euro module (UNFINISHED), DIY Quad VCA (NOT STARTED – PANEL ONLY), DIY Amplifier (NOT STARTED – PANEL ONLY), Euro-modded Gakken SX-150 MK2 (UNFINISHED), Euro-modded Teenage Engineering PO-14 (FINISHED!! I finished one!), breakout panel for Microbrute (NOT STARTED – PANEL ONLY), DIY mult (NOT STARTED – PANEL ONLY)… And that’s just the top row 🙂 So this hobby eats your money AND your time!!! (I should point out, there *are* a bunch of finished things in my rack too)

  1. If buying modular alone hasn’t made you stop making/recording music yet, then definitely get into euro DIY.. I guarantee you, no shit is ever going to be done 🙂 it is on the other had is SO much fun and i’d say even more addictive than modular itself. You’ve been warn!

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