Haken Continuum In-Depth Review

This video, loopop, takes an in-depth look at the Haken Contiuum Fingerboard, an instrument that features unique expressive control and a very powerful synth engine, The EaganMatrix.

Video Summary:

The Haken Continuum Fingerboard is a combination of an extremely sensitive surface and and powerful and complex synthesizer, tailor made to take advance of its expressive sensors.

The Continuum has been refined over the past few decades by Lippold Haken, and includes an on-board synthesizer called the EaganMatrix – created by musician and sound designer Edmund Eagan.

This review goes in depth into why the Continuum stands out as a unique instrument and the various ways it can be played. I also explain in detail how its internal synth is designed around using the surface gestures to impact sound design.

The EaganMatrix contains synthesis engines far beyond traditional subtractive and FM synths, and also includes various physical modeling and additive capabilities. Presets using those various engines are shown.

Details on the Continuum are available at the Haken site.

6 thoughts on “Haken Continuum In-Depth Review

  1. Very well done. The limitation of playing notes too close together is worth mentioning. The Eaganmatrix is very difficult to get use to, but very much worth the effort. The high price tag can be justified by those of us who have paid for one it’s truly a unique instrument.

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