BT Hardware Studio Tour & Track Session

Composer & synthesist BT shared this studio tour and track session.

In the nearly 40-minute video, BT gives a tour of his ‘B room’ hardware studio, which he set up so that he could jam and make tracks in an old-school, computer-free way.

The second half of the video is a track session, and captures BT working with a variety of vintage gear.

18 thoughts on “BT Hardware Studio Tour & Track Session

    1. Works fine for me, but it’s a Facebook video.

      Sucks to be you if you’re trying to watch it at work and your company blocks access!

  1. Back in the day, I used to think, who is this A-hole performing trance without a shirt on. But ever since, he’s proven to be a highly proficient and forward thinking producer, who is also a hell of a nice guy. And a huge dork.

    1. And if you pay attention, you’ll realize that BT’s probably forgotten more stuff about electronic music than most of us have ever know.

      It’s also refreshing to see a star making music in a studio that looks like it’s in their spare bedroom, rather than in a million-dollar production facility.

  2. …my wife was at a bachelorette party with her friend Jen and… haha gotta love BT’s stream of consciousness, kind of like his music come to think of it. he’s a beast.

  3. Holy “B” studio jealousy! I actually rebuilt a DOS machine to revisit the same sequencer (Voyetra Sequencer Plus). It is very easy and fast to use but no undo!

  4. “This is so fun!” exclaims BT as he troubleshoots. Solving solvable problems as you do what you love can be fun. I like how this was not excessively prepped and planned. Programming the melody on the number pad with eyes shut was an amazing demonstration of brain to fingers to machine to sound. Such enthusiasm. I continue to be a fan.

  5. Fun to watch him have the same tech issues as the rest of us. 🙂 Room seems to be set up quite nicely though with clock running all sorts of directions. Wonder how long the setup took.

  6. Always been a big fan. Turned out as the coolest Tangerine Dream style track…vibes of Love on A Train pulled from thin air. And he didnt even use the sample stab thing on the MPC that started his journey in that direction, i think he forgot about it hehe that is so classic real studio scenario. Seems like the nicest guy ever and no ghost producers in sight here! Amazing video big respect for making it BT

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