Erica Synths Graphic VCO Lets You Draw Your Own Waveshapes

Erica Synths has introduced the Graphic VCO – a new Euro module that lets you draw your own waveforms, arrange them in wavetables and wavetable banks, morph between two selected waves and alter the resulting wave in advanced ways (FXes) – apply FM, phase distortion, ring modulation, wavefold/wavewrap, bitcrush.

Waves, wavetables, FXes and other settings can be saved and recalled from memory instantly.

The module has two outputs – the main output and the output with configurable suboscillator.


  • Versatile waveform designer
  • Morphing between two selected waves
  • Wavetable design
  • Wavetable matrix design
  • Versatile waveform alteration – FM, phase
    distortion, ring modulation, wavefold,
    wavewrap, bitcrush
  • 32 classic wavetables included
  • Module state saving (Snapshots)
  • Configurable suboscillator output
  • Suboscillator tuning from -1 to -24 semitones
  • Suboscilator detuning (+/- 50 cents)
  • Skiff-friendly design
  • User waveform/wavetable upload via USB
  • Firmware upgrade via USB

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

The Erica Synths Graphic VCO is available now for €330.00.

8 thoughts on “Erica Synths Graphic VCO Lets You Draw Your Own Waveshapes

  1. This looks interesting.

    Is it based on their other ‘black’ wavetable cores ?
    What are the wavetable size dimensions ie. bit depth /resolution and word-length /size ?
    Can it read the wavetable sets produced by Galbanum Architecture ?

    I wonder what are the differences between this and the Wolfgang Palm module ?

  2. How can a “voltage controlled oscillator” have user drawn waveforms? That sounds like a digital oscillator.

        1. ‘VCO’ means analog cv control. So any modular oscillator is a VCO.

          All of the popular Euro VCO’s are digital VCOs.

          The thing that gave ‘digital’ a bad rep with synthesists, ironically, is the analog oscillators of the 80’s, which were digitally-controlled analog oscillators. They combined the limitations of analog with simplistic digital control, so they can’t do much and sound ‘sterile’ to a lot of people.

          1. Vc means voltage control. So it would be a vcdo but technically a digital oscillator under voltage control is still a voltage controlled oscillator logically speaking

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