Novation Circuit Psychedelic Keytar Freakout

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via deltAdata, captures a live psychedelic electronic freakout jam session on the Novation Circuit.

Note how deltAdata has created a personal style of performing with the Circuit, holding it keytar-style and upside down.

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

Keytar novation circuit electronica live jam in my garden. custom samples and custom patchs only.

I used Stephen Hawking voice generator for the voice (added after the live record), audio was recorded with line 6 sonic port vx on ipad mini and processed with reaper on PC.

Filmed with xperia z3c and ipad mini.

ideo effect made with after effects and the main video editing was done with reaper.

I found the text of the “speech” on the web years ago, and never found from who it originaly was…

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