54HP West Coast ‘Music Weasel’

Perfect Circuit Audio continues its 54HP series, exploring the possibilities of relatively small Eurorack modular systems.

For their second episode, they put together what they call a “West Coast Music Weasel” – a 54HP system, inspired by so-called ‘west coast synthesis’ and the Buchla Music Easel.

This system features a complex LFO and S&H, four step sequencer and looping envelope for controlling the other modules, a voltage processor/ring modulator module and a 158 dual oscillator, a wave-folder and low pass gate. The video demonstrates that, even with a small system, you can create drones, sequences and generative patches that play themselves.

2 thoughts on “54HP West Coast ‘Music Weasel’

  1. love configuring music easel clones on modular grid, kinda a hobby haha

    imo ryo penta for easel inspired sequencer module over say tirana
    less hp + the penta is 5 steps ike original music easel sequencer as opposed to the tiranas four

    also not much randomness going on it seems 🙂

    strong choices for easel builds would be source of unce by NLC, a clone of the easel source of uncertainty and NLC timbre a copy of the Music easel wavefolder

    but sounds great

  2. There are too few resources on how to put together a complete small modular system. Very nice! Looking forward to more in this series!

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