Minimal Apple Keyboard Space Music Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via RemixSample, explores creating a space music improvisation, using a minimal rig of an Apple keyboard and software.

Technical Details:

  • FL Studio
  • LD Moog Lead – Forever 80’s Zebra 2 soundset (00:27)
  • PD Lo-Fi Choir Pad – Forever 80’s Zebra 2 soundset (00:14)
  • Felt Piano – Spitfire Laboratories (Kontakt) (00:20)
  • Music Boxes – Spitfire Laboratories (Kontakt) (01:01)
  • Adagio Expressivo – Omnisphere (00:54)
  • FX: Valhalla Shimmer & Soundtoys Crystallizer

2 thoughts on “Minimal Apple Keyboard Space Music Synth Jam

  1. Very nice music and impressively done with just an Apple keyboard. (No mouse?) I would have liked to see a split screen showing the software to learn more about how it was being achieved.

    1. As far as I can tell the only actions he’s doing is using “Typing keyboard to Piano keyboard” and up-down arrows to switch between instruments. I didn’t notice any other kind of commands, so it was probably down to pre-loading a bunch of well selected instruments on separate tracks.

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