Yamaha Reface CP vs Mutable instruments Rings Ambient Jam Session

This video, via Jouni Ollila (ollilaboratories), captures a hypnotic ambient performance, featuring the Yamaha Reface CP & Mutable Instruments Rings.

Featured gear:

  • Yamaha Reface CP
  • Eurorack modular synthesizer
  • RE-20 space echo
  • Keeley electronics caverns

Here’s what Ollila has to say about the technical details:

A thought hit me, one of the modes in the MI rings has a striking resemblance to a wurly sometimes when played in a special way.. so, i thought, what the heck, lets pair it up with the reface CP and see what happens. 🙂

The reface CP goes into the modular, it gets processed with a Sound on Sound delay reel in the morphagene in reverse. The reface also controls the Mi Rings via the uMIDI interface. Now since the rings technically is monophonic (eg just one note per note pressed) but when in poly mode four notes will overlap creating this weird flow when i play it like a piano. Also if i do trills legato style the character becomes flutelike when the transients cannot be heard. So cool!

MI Rings is getting a slight bit of modulation on brightness, position and damping.. but only when is start the sequence with PAM, this to help change the reaction of the sound compared with the intro.

MI Braids has a saw/square setting, where i morph between the waveforms using an LFO. Filter is uVCF, 2 oclock on resonance. Sequenced by octone, a 5-step sequence (of course).

Expert sleeper disting, does the bass note, randomly triggered by the 2hp TM. Ripples filter, and a bit of overdrive into the uVCA.

Two channels come out from the modular, Reface CP + RIngs into the keeley caverns for some modulated reverb plus delay. MI braids and ES disting into the RE-20 for a fast TD style berlin school delay.

This setup is super creative, and really begs to play ambient noodles for ages and ages.. but i had to stop at some time to not bore you guys. 🙂

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