Oberheim SEM Hands-On Demo

This video, via AsteroidKillerMusic, offers a quick demo of the Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module).

The sound was recorded direct in to the camera with no added effects.

The SEM, originally released in the mid-70’s, was Tom Oberheim’s first analog synthesizer. It was designed to be a complete monosynth, that could be used with sequencers or CV keyboards. Oberheim recently started selling an updated version of the classic SEM.

See this for the story behind the SEM. for the story behind the SEM.

3 thoughts on “Oberheim SEM Hands-On Demo

  1. The SEM sounds simply incredible. Studio Electronics has the know how, Roland has the pull, they better hurry before Uli does his version.

  2. Beautiful sound, lets hope they come soon with the euro modules as well, although perhaps the sum is more than its parts..

    1. He’s shown photos of the Euro SEM that’s coming. They are in the interview linked above.

      Oberheim is also releasing Euros of his phaser and ring mod.

      That said, the SEM module is sort of huge and I’d rather just have the standalone.

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