Future Retro Transient Plus Drum Module Now Available

Future Retro has released the Transient Plus – a sample-based percussion module for the Eurorack format.

FR says that “The Transient Plus can recreate individual drum voices or sound like an entire drum machine or loop is playing, morphing from rhythm to rhythm, or at times sound more like a synthesizer when retriggering samples at audio rates, and creating other special effects.”

Up to 600 individual User samples (16 MB max total) can be loaded into the Transient Plus using the microSD card. Over 400 audio sample come preinstalled with the Original factory sound set. These samples focus on classic drum machines and modern analog percussive sounds.

There are two voices to play these samples, and sample selection for each voice can be modulated with things like knobs, CV’s, or random values.

While internal processing of these sounds is all 16 bit resolution, a 12 bit DAC is used to add character.

The Trig In jack accepts a wide range of trigger sources (gates, oscillators, LFO’s, even audio), to play sounds in the Transient. Two CV inputs allow external control voltages to modulate or modify parameters.

Here’s an example of the original Transient in action:

Pricing and Availability

The Transient Plus is available now for US $249.

7 thoughts on “Future Retro Transient Plus Drum Module Now Available

    1. That’s BS .FR said they received like 3 modules back, and one of those had been plugged in wrong. Can you name any reproducible FW bugs?

      1. I had two faulty units. my shop said he had problems with quite some units as well, I doubt it was 3. They all stopped working, or didn’t even start.

      2. I had two units that didn’t start … One straight out the box, the other after a week. my shop said he had problems with quite some units as well, so i highly doubt it was 3. Which doesn’t mean it’s a great module, which it is.

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