Virtual Novachord For Propellerhead Reason – Champagne Supernova

Jiggery-Pokery Sound has introduced Champagne Supernova, a Rack Extension for Reason that’s inspired by the classic Novachord.

The Novachord is a proto-polysynth, introduced in 1930’s by Hammond, that offers 72-note polyphony, controllable envelopes, LFOs and high-pass, low-pass & formant filters.

The Champagne SuperNova Rack Extension is inspired by the architecture of the Novachord, but is not a strict emulation, offering cleaner output and more stable sound.


  • Fifteen waveforms
  • Novachord audio flow: five parallel filters (low pass, high pass and three resonant bandpass) and full tone, and the extra “Bright-Mellow” serial low pass filter, and tube amp
  • Six rate-offset LFOs in consecutive note pairs for a richer vibrato
  • 7-mode ADR/AHR envelope, with keyboard split Release adjustment
  • Original stepped knobs, plus a continuous pots mode with fine level control and modern ADSR envelope
  • Flexible level control of hum and noise to age/de-age the tone as required
  • Choice of Direct or miked Cabinet output, with or without FX pedalboard
  • Velocity control
  • Hidden extras for fine tuning
  • Over 100 presets

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

Champagne Supernova is available with an intro price of US $39 (normally $49).

4 thoughts on “Virtual Novachord For Propellerhead Reason – Champagne Supernova

  1. The Hollow Sun Novachord was sampled from an original condition instrument. Warts and all. I love the little fluctuations and small wheezes. It’s what gives it character.

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