Tom Rogerson + Brian Eno – Finding Shore.

This short documentary looks at the recent Tom Rogerson and Brian Eno collaboration, Finding Shore.

The album focuses on improvisation that’s enabled by technology – in this case, by the rare Bob Moog & Don Buchla PianoBar. Rogerson’s improvisations on piano were captured with the PianoBar and translated into MIDI. Eno live processed the MIDI and audio recording – doing the ‘dicking around’ he would normally do after recording a performance, but doing it live.

7 thoughts on “Tom Rogerson + Brian Eno – Finding Shore.

  1. Cool use of technology, but I wasn’t wowed by the resulting album.

    There are some interesting tracks on it, but it seemed a lot more like a collection of tracks, instead of an album that I’d want to listen to over and over.

    I’d love to hear another Harold Budd + Eno collaboration. IMHO those were a peak for both of them.

    1. I absolutely agree. When Harold Budd and Eno collaborated, that was their best work. I’m also not a fan of this latest album collaboration.

  2. This is a joke isn’t it?
    Have I missed something here? Have we not been mixing piano with synth and electronics using M.ONE.D.ONE for three or four decades now?
    Someone must call Eno out soon.
    He is so obviously a charlatan.

    1. “Have I missed something here?”

      Yes, you clearly have.

      If you’ve done anything that you think is as good as Eno’s worst output, share a link – maybe we could learn something from you.

      Otherwise, you’d be smart to see what you can learn from someone with his massive track record as artist and producer.

      1. I don’t want you to learn anything from me. I just want to know what you’ve got from this self pontificating twit. Tell me what is happening here? He is mixing a piano with a synth using M.ONE.D.ONE.
        Elgard you think this is important news do you? Ego got lucky, he was in the right place at the right time.
        Roxy Music was all Brian Ferry, Ego was a self preening art student who played a synth when they were pretty unfashionable. Next thing we know is he’s the only person in the world who can program a DX7.
        Give me a break. Tony Visconti had more influence over D.Bowie’s output, than Ego. All I’ve learned from him is that it’s important to be in the right place at the right time.
        Still at least he’s shut he’s gob about endorsing that Marxist private property grabber Corbyn.
        (Oh and tap yer foot to this sucker:
        I’ve got tons of shit that’s better than anything The Ego’s done since Apollo, which I suspect was mostly Roger and Daniels work).

  3. Tom, Brian : Piano sound too shrill : harsh on ear. Should chosen a mellower sounding Piano as decades old Bluthner.

    Otherwise this is alright . Well done both of you.

  4. So you’re saying you’ve got nothing to show for yourself, but you’re still somehow qualified to say that all of Brian Eno’s genre-defining ambient work, and his production of some of the best albums of U2, Talking Heads, Devo, David Bowie, etc was luck?

    A statement like that takes balls. But the name-calling you do in your comments sounds prepubescent!

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