Make Noise Morphagene Hands-On Demo

In this video, Hainbach (Stefan Paul Goetsch) gives a hands-on demo of the Make Noise Morphagene and the ‘reel’ that he made for it.

The video is not intended to be demo or review of the Morphagene, but instead is more of a look at its musical applications.

Hainbach has shared his reel as a free download. Here’s what he has to say about his ‘Noir’ reel:

“I call it Noir, since it is has a vibe of film noir to it.

I made this with scoring for picture or theatre in mind, recording piano, percussion, synths on a Telefunken M15 and Nagra III and playing that back on half speed. All music is harmonically related, so it should not grind too much when switching apruptly. I left some space for new splices in the end, as I feel that makes it more playable.”

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