Audulus 3.5 For Mac Updated With Hundreds Of New Modules

Audulus LLC has released Audulus 3.5 for Mac, an update that introduces a new wire highlighting feature and hundreds of new and improved modules.

Audulus 3.5 features a major retooling of the Audulus module library, with hundreds of new modules. All of the modules are documented both within the modules themselves and online.


  • Analog modeling VCAs and VCFs: VCAs based on diode, JFET, and tube amplifiers and VCFs based on famous filters with transistor ladder and op-amp topologies.
  • Expanded VCO selection: Additive oscillators like the Chebyshev VCO, updated modules like the 3ceooh mk2, and both PM and FM synthesis-based VCOs.
  • Wild new set of sequencers: 3D sequencers, random non-repeating sequencers, shape-based sequencers, matrix sequencers with 9 independent outputs, and pattern-based sequencers that scan through preset beats.
  • New modulation sources: Chaos matrix envelopes, volt-per-octave-based envelopes, DAHDSR envelopes, quadrature LFOs, and sample & hold random sources.
  • Expanded Effects: Icebox Audio Freezer granular looping delay effect, wavefolder, enveloped phasers, deep-sounding flangers, skewable autopan, and six new distortion modules.
  • Deep utilities: Clock dividers, multipliers, random clocks, swing, gate delays, attenuverters, gateable quantizers, random switches, and selectable, randomizeable logic gates.
  • Expanded toolkit: A new building category with counters, curve applicators, defaults and templates, rectifiers, knob helpers, and signal translators.

Audulus 3.5 also adds a new wire highlighting feature. When you click on a node or module, all of its output wires remain bright while all others are dimmed. This makes tracing connections much easier. You can highlight groups of nodes and modules as well.

Pricing and Availability

Audulus 3.5 for MacOS is available now for US $49.99.

15 thoughts on “Audulus 3.5 For Mac Updated With Hundreds Of New Modules

  1. I only wish they would ship this synth with a lot more patch presets. I know I know .. its a ‘modular’ synth and they don’t have presets in the real world .. and one should be making their own patches on Audulus .. ahh heck I’m just lazy .. never mind

    1. Hey Rick! More presets is something we’re working on. I’m doing a lot to catch up on documentation – adding tables that indicate inputs and outputs and controls. It’s all available at – but there’s actually a whole category of synths I’m working on that are standalone that have their own presets. You can check them out here:

  2. This is a good synth but it takes some learning.

    The pricing also takes some learning. $50 isn’t Β£50, its Β£35 so why are we charged 30% more in the uk?

    1. Hey amplifierx! The pricing is controlled by Apple unfortunately. Apple raised UK prices in particular because of Brexit, and in general the prices don’t follow a direct conversion. If we had control over this, we would change it to reflect value of currency, not just the number.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I understand what you’re saying. Apple pricing and Brexit. What a combo…….

  3. I must say I have buyed this synth for my ipad and the most negative thing is the GUI… Not intuitive all looks the same… I really like modular but with this GUI, no…

  4. Nan.
    This is not music.
    Music is a Voice.
    Music is a Piano.

    (I was a bit provocative ; ) I like it but as Im not musician, it’s too complicated for me…)

    1. Hey Ante! Not really quite sure what you’re saying, or why you’re commenting on a synthesizer blog that synthesizers aren’t real instruments, but let me know if you have any questions about Audulus! πŸ™‚ It’s a lot less complicated than you think, and if you think it’s too complicated for you, I’m sure you’re just selling yourself short πŸ™‚

  5. Is there anywhere that it show all the modules. Like a form of slide show explain what each part of each module does. This would help me alot as im new and i dont really learn much from tutorials.

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