Free MatrixBrute Sound Library From ExperimentalSynth’s Chris Stack

Multi-instrumentalist & composer Chris Stack

Arturia has shared a free sound library for the MatrixBrute, created by multi-instrumentalist and composer Chris Stack.

Stack is the creator of the site, which documents his explorations down the road less traveled of sound.

Here’s what Arturia has to say about the sound library:

Chris Stack’s presets for MatrixBrute takes full advantage of its extensive feature set and modulation possibilities.

They will let you build limitless soundscapes, but they will also supply you with masses of inspiration to imagine your future songs and soundtracks.

This MatrixBrute experimental bank brings more than presets, it reveals pieces of sonic truth.

It’s a free download via the Arturia site.

3 thoughts on “Free MatrixBrute Sound Library From ExperimentalSynth’s Chris Stack

  1. Experimental? Barely scratches the surface. I’ve heard more interesting and experimental sounds coming out of a roland mc-303.

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