MOK Waverazor 2.0 Editor Version Now Available

MOK has released Waverazor 2.0 Editor version, an update that features a new contextual editing system that makes it easy to navigate the 12,000+ parameters available.

Focus on any synthesis module for editing and everything that is linked to it will be shown automatically.

Waverazor is described as ‘a futuristic synth that slices waveforms into aggressive new sounds.’ It’s based on an oscillator design that slices individual waveforms into up to 16 slices, and then lets you modulate each of the slices individually.

MOK was founded by Rob Rampley, Taiho Yamada and Chris Compton – who have previously designed synths like the Quadrasynth, QS Series, Andromeda, Ion, Micron, Fusion, Venom, BioTek and more.

If you’re not already familiar with Waverazor, here’s the official playlist of intro videos:

Pricing and Availability

Waverazor is available now for US $159.

3 thoughts on “MOK Waverazor 2.0 Editor Version Now Available

  1. been using this for a few months now, deep and powerful, capable of so much tweaking and sonic madness, looking forward to upgrade.

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