17 thoughts on “U-He Debuting New Eurorack Synth Module At Superbooth 2018

  1. Nah it’s an analogue voltage controlled virtual analogue emulation…

    I’m sure it’ll be good whatever it is. The software is great albeit CPU killer stuff

  2. Interesting! Really excited to see what this is as I’m a huge fan of most the U-he plug-ins. The labelling “CV/ Trigger” maybe hints at some kind of drum/percussion module? Cool looking teal LED knobs too.

      1. That seems to be what Urs is implying over at the KVR U-he forum. However, he has also said that his motivation came from “I need a module to do such and such” and couldn’t find one so just said “I’ll build it”.

        He’s said he’s doing this as a labour of love, more than as a commercial enterprise. He also said that on some forum somewhere the name has been leaked, but that it’s “not out in the wild yet” – I haven’t found it.

    1. I totally agree, the zebra 3 forum was started in 2012, 6 years ago! They just keep on kicking the can down the road. Although zebra 2.8 was a very nice update.

    1. In order to do so, U-HE most certinly needs to rely on third-party expertise. Industry greats the likes of Mario Jurisch (synth-project.de), Dave Smith (Sequential CEO) or even Uli Behringer.

      I highly doubt that Urs Heckman and his team can pull off something like this all on their own.

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