5 thoughts on “Producing Minimal Techno On A Teenage Engineering OP-1

  1. I’ve always dreamed of a MPC, OP-1 and an Analog Four being mushed together into something awesome. 16 pad sampler, 4 voice analog synth with per step manipulation and everything the OP-1 does al in one box. I know, just dreams.

  2. LOL, “techno”? Give my a break. In case you missed it: Techno died 8 years ago, on 24 July 2010, when a crowd disaster happened at the Love Parade electronic dance music festival in Duisburg, Germany, which caused the death of 21 people from suffocation. At least 500 more were injured. Ask Westbam and others. They all said so. It´s somewhat laughable that some people still see techno as a relevant dance sub-genre.

  3. We’re so blessed to have videos like this one. Excellent teaching and excellent sense of humor (I truly laughed at 2:25″). It’s also just plain inspiring to see those hands flying around the machine in total Flow. Love it.

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