Debussy On Modular Synthesizer – Clair de Lune

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist ann annie shared this modular synthesizer arrangement of Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune (‘Moonlight’), from Suite Bergamasque.

Technical Details:

    • Sequencing 4 Voices, Two note and Two Velocity
    • Note Tracks sequencing Rings Pitch
    • Velocity Tracks controlling Rings brightness CV.
    • Sequence written from a Kawai Piano. Piano Midi out — Logic Pro X — Hermod — Voices.
  • RINGS In 4 voice polyphonic mode, processed by clouds.
  • CLOUDS // In Granular mode warping under LFO’s from Ornament and Crime.

8 thoughts on “Debussy On Modular Synthesizer – Clair de Lune

  1. One thing I have always wondered is, why with the revival of modular, I haven’t heard more Tomita-like sounds and music (until now). What Tomita made with his modular Moog was absolutely beautiful, not just beeps and farts. This ranks in the same league in my opinion. Absolutely beautiful! Excellent and refreshing music!

    1. I think the answer to that is that it’s much much much easier to make beeps and farts or their close cousins, ambient soundscapes and drones than music that is dependent on melody, harmony AND tone.

      Shame, but there it is

      1. I believe you may be correct. The time involved in learning a modular system would be a huge factor. Another might be each artists own sonic imagination. I have nothing against beeps and farts (love Moog Cookbook) but I am always swept away when I hear Tomita or Larry Fast or many of the other older synth players use of their gear. Mind you there may be many artists we aren’t hearing who have these skills. Unfortunately you can’t walk into a “record store” now and find the “electronic” section, pick up an LP, look on the back and see a photo of someone with some synths and know it is probably pretty good.

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