Exoworlds – A Visual Exploration

EXOWORLDS – A Visual Exploration is created by artist Raymond Cassel, and features a soundtrack by synthesist Mark Mosher.

Here’s what Cassel has to say about the Exoworlds:

Inspiration for this series comes from NASA imagery of Jupiter and its moons. In particular an image from Voyager 1 of Europa passing near Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, casting a shadow on the surface. The moon, dwarfed by Jupiter’s clouds, shows the immense scale of the planet. Additionally the amazing images being sent my the Juno probe currently orbiting Jupiter have provided a new source of inspiration.

These images were created with practical photography of ink and paints suspended in water. The photos were stitched together to create the atmospheres of these exoplanets. 3-D software was used to create and animate the moons. Music and sound design provided by Mark Mosher. You can hear his wonderful work at modulateThis.com.

The recent discovery of abundant planets indicates to us that out in the universe there may well be an analog to even the most outlandish ideas we artists dream up.

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