What Eurorack Modules Should Behringer Make Next?

Uli Behringer

Behringer wants to know what Eurorack modules you think they should make next.

Company head Uli Behringer has announced that the company is interested in creating inexpensive Eurorack synth modules, and they’re interested in your input:

Many of you have now requested for us to build individual Eurorack modules, powered Eurorack cases and especially bring back some of the legacy modular systems.

At the same time we also thought about inviting all designers and engineers among you to participate in this initiative.

The goal would be to build a wide range of modules and – as usual – at very affordable prices (target prices US$ 49-99) which would allow us to open this market and get as many people as possible into synths and making music.

Our synth teams are very excited about this potential direction and would love to hear your opinion.

Are you interested in Eurorack systems?

What modules would you like us to make?

What legacy modular systems would you like us to make?

What accessories do you require?

Behringer also shared renderings of module concepts:

Let us know if you’d be interested in Behringer Eurorack modules, and is so what you’d like to see!

133 thoughts on “What Eurorack Modules Should Behringer Make Next?

  1. No eurorack please. Can you please design/engineer a modern all in one analog digital groove box? Maybe something to the effect of a RS-7000, MC-909 or A Spectralis 2. An integrated vco mono synth (neutron) a polyphonic dco synth (deepmind) and a subtractive digital/sampler engine, with a great sequencer mixing capabilities and effects. Vast routing and modulation would be great. I’d prefer a hardware feel to a software feel, no touch screen! I think it’s time to pick up on the “all in one” project abandoned in the early 2000’s. Thank You!

    1. “Vast routing and modulation would be great. I’d prefer a hardware feel, no touch screen”

      They have that. It’s called Eurorack.

      All snark aside, an all-in-one like that seems like a huge commercial risk – three synths *and* a sequencer worth of complexity & UI are not going to come cheap.

      1. I’ve always thought Eurorack to be anachronistic because of the limitations of manual patching and the dependency on modules that quickly add up in cost. Additionally I have found them to be un-instrument like, because of its open-endedness. The instruments I have loved most have had a clearly defined structure, with distinct limitations. A quick back of the envelope calculation would suggest an “all-in-one” groove box could be made for a reasonable price , especially given Behringers resources and potential economy of scale. The combined retail cost of a Neutron ($300) , a deepmind 6 ($700) , a Behringer xenyx mixer ($200), squarp pyramid ($720), and a Behringer multi effects unit ($120) would be $2,020.
        That is approximately the of the RS-7000, MC-909, and Spectralis 2 when the hit the markets. There are some problems what that analysis, but it gives a rough idea of the potential cost.

        The commercial and technical viability of such a product is a different question. In the early 2000’s when multi-Timbral virtual analogs were dominating the market, it would have been hard to guess that eurorack would have gain such popularity.

        The point was to highlight an idea that “synthesizes” developments on the digital frontier (mostly made in the early 2000’s) with recent developments on the analog front. There are few products that have done that so far, but we seem to be moving in that direction now.

  2. Since their first Euro module was a SMT clone of the Minimoog, why not create a line of cheap Euro versions of the classic Moog synth modules?

    Also – there are tons of open source Euro modules, like Mutable Instruments’ designs. Make cheap versions of the best of these modules, and this would be a legitimate use of open source and probably would make these modules much more accessible to people.

    But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get a designer like Grayscale involved. They consistently have the best panel designs in Eurorack format and the companies they design for don’t create the Eurobarf explosion that most Euro panels do.

    1. Why do you think should a huge company like Behringer copy modules of an innovative boutique manufacturer? Don’t they have resources to come up with something innovative on their own? Or should Behringer be just a coppycat here? What do you think would be the advantage for the customer long term?
      MI would quickly stop being open source, i bet.

      1. No, the chosen license specifically allows for commercial use, which is why you see all these people creating terribly cramped clones. However I agree that Mutable would quickly stop open sourcing if Behringer was just going to clone everything they make, cut some corners, and sell it for cheaper.

  3. Honestly inexpensive transistor core vco like the Moog 921. Or simple versions of most of the Moog stuff in eurorack.
    Also effects and sample modules.
    And of course a low cost case.

  4. Uli, I haven’t entered the Eurorack fray yet due to the cost, so this is welcome news. I can’t tell you what modules to build, since there are just so many, but I can tell you that I’m fond of a LOT of oscillators so I can do nice minimal noise stuff.

  5. Please dont do another park of clones. Please create some fresh and modern sound devices. If you hire proper designers, after some time on R&D you will have something interesting to share with wigglers

    1. +1. I would specifically NOT buy clones of anything produced by current manufacturers (like, say, a Behringer Maths), and it would also turn me off from buying anything else from Behringer.

      I would have no problem with new ideas or low-cost versions of the basics though. That would be very exciting.

      1. Funny that you bought a maths then, as maths itself is a clone of a buchla module. So it’s OK for make noise to make clones but not for behringer?

        1. It isn’t … but good try. It’s inspired by designs in buchla and serge land but it’s also its own design…

  6. A variety of utility modules from 2 to 4 HP wide: As shown by the success of modules like the Disting and Maths, utilities are always popular with modular artists. As a large company, Music Group has the means to create a series of super-low cost, small footprint utility modules.

  7. There already are lots of eurorack clones of „legacy“-modules/devices. I don’t think we need more. To me the best thing about eurorack are the „original“ modules. Something you didn’t think of before and can’t get anywhere else. Thats why I built my own rack … not to copy, but to build something unique, just for me.

  8. A line similar to 2hp, inexpensive in both $$$ and HP.

    Some ideas: VCO/LFO, State variable filter (with huge and smooth cutoff knob), 4 VCA/mixer and a sampler.

    I also second the idea of copying open source and vintage designs. A single module of the filter in the model D would be great!

  9. A few suggestions:

    1. Consider a larger format than Eurorack, since the smaller knobs and cramped layout can be a bit of a turnoff for a lot of people that aren’t already into Eurorack to begin with.

    2. A proper Roland System 100M clone, specifically with the pre-patched/normalled connections behind the panel that remove the need for patching if so desired.

    3. Buchla / West-Coast synthesis!

    4. Arp 2500! Or at least, something based around the same “patching” concept, even if the modules are completely different.

    1. This. While inexpensive eurorack is currently a contradiction in terms I’d like to see addressed, I’d prefer to see life breathed into one of the bigger formats…

  10. Yes, please break the market trend of very over-priced Eurorack cases.

    A complete line would be great to see, from Attenuverter to Zero-thru VCO.

    Set a new standard of module price competition & make all the other brands sweat..

    A “Maths”, s&h, vca mixer w/ dual stereo returns, dual multi mode filter, and logic modules, and all in low hp.

    Less interested in clones of vintage stuff. Much much more interesting to see a new low price point set, to make the boutique module market suffer a bit & set a new standard.

    Best idea yet from Behringer! Next to the analog 303 & 808 clones 😉

    1. To set a new standard? You mean the common standard of exploitation deployed by Behringer in China? How btw. are e.g. Doepfer cases overpriced? There is a multitude of cheap cases available by now, if you bother to look that is. You can of course also start buying used modules, with dare i say it, rack rash! You can e.g. get a doepfer quad complex envelope generator for a whooping 125€ on modulargrid’s market place right now. You can easily get the current maths for under 230$ if $ are your thing.

  11. Not another eurorack, please. Make a truly modern sampling synth, an affordable Kronos (e.g. without the expensive libraries). There is none out there! Backintheday we had Emu, Mirage etc but now…. nothing. Clone the Alchemy architecture in a hardware unit. It would be so great.

  12. Use Midas to design a mixer for eurorack. One which is like we all think. It should have headphones and multichannel USB

    It wouldn’t be a clone. It would be something new and something that far far too many people crave for their eurorack systems.

    Behringer could actually enable the performance aspect. Not just churn out cheap Curtis clone stuff or past designs.

  13. Fantastic idea! Combined utilities, like switch/logic/mixer or gate/enveloppe/lfo or divider/multiplier/offset or tripple osc with quantisation or looper/sampler or dsp fx or vca/mixer/pan/attenuverter or aux/instru in and out module.
    Or ..or…

  14. What would be cool and quite unique would be to offer modules you could “hardwire” on the back of the modules while still being able to break those connections when patching them on the front. And yes, black panels please!

    1. Yeah! I’ve soldered normal long before on a few things just reduce cables.

      I know the Macbeth 5u have this and the old EmU modular systems had it as well. Most people rematch a similar thing a lot then go from that so it’s a great way to be more efficient

  15. Not interested in Eurorack, I do enjoy the desktop format synths though. A decent TB-303 is needed, the current clones are overly expensive. Maybe a desktop that is also Eurorack(for those that like that format)?

    1. If you read the article Uli is looking for opinions about potential eurorack modules, not whether it’s something that James Peach would like or not…

  16. Someone suggested a powered Eurorack case for under £100. I agree wholeheartedly. Even before one buys modules, one may have to spend £300 or more on just the case. It’s daunting.
    Thank you for your attention to this.

  17. Really hoping they don’t go directly after current Euro manufacturers with clones.

    Certainly there’s room to compete and even innovate on cases, PSUs etc. and to create (or, yes, clone) some things which haven’t been brought into Eurorack yet.

  18. I would just like to see him actually start delivering what he’s already promised. I really do need model d

  19. OMG FINALLY thx Uli im glad that Ive waited for your eurorack modules… I will buy every module from you 🙂 Maybe something like makenoise , mutable or endorphin 🙂

  20. +1 Gaz. EMS Synthi/VCS3 Dammit! Patch pin matrix would be hellishly expensive to do. Maybe substitute push buttons?

    AND/OR- Mansized DotCom compatible modules. Please stop cloning Moog stuff. It isn’t necessary. There are tons of that stuff available. Get off the beaten path a bit more.

  21. I believe a lot of interest could be found in the Buchla type module, coupled to a Klee type sequencer.
    Uli, buy Pete and Rob from Midas a Buchla 200e series, let them rip it apart and rip it off. Because its the only way any of us is ever going to get on board with that stuff. Don’t bother with Roland 100m stuff. The Nutron is quite inspired keep pushing forward.

  22. I don’t use eurorack but many people already mentioned the ‘elephant in the room’. Cases! Forget rehashing modules that have been done a million times… you’ll be extremely disappointed with sales numbers anyways. Make reliable, affordable cases!

  23. Roland System 100M. It’s fair game and elements of it have been cloned by others.

    Don’t believe Behringer should be cloning current designs.

  24. I would like an analog/digital poly hybrid, much like the korg prologue or a novation peak w/ wavetable….but at a Behringer budget.

  25. A multi-mode VCF with 2 pole, 4 pole, and more modes, with high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, band-reject modes. A fixed filter bank. A sample-and-hold plus VCF module.

  26. …that was foreseeable. Behringer is trying to get into a market that is mostly dominated by small manufacturers.
    And asking people what modules would sell best. Of course many people like the idea of cheap modules. I can understand that, since not everybody has the money to afford a modular system.

    On the other hand this has nothing to do with real love for modular…that i think most of the eurorack-manufacturers have…for me it seems to be more like another piece of the synth-cake.

    Correct me if i am wrong…

  27. A multi-effects unit. Also a reasonably-priced sampler/sample playback module. And hey, an oscilloscope. (All of these are modules I am currently wanting for my setup, so yes, I’m selfish.)

    Tell the truth, I wish Korg would enter the Eurorack market, and make a Eurorack version of their mini kaoss pad 2, with full CV controls over X-Y parameters, and user-assignable effects to X and Y.

  28. they can stick to the basics and i would be happy.

    Dual lfos with a crossfader.

    a filter/vca module.

    a mixer/vca

    sample and hold, clock, noise

    some dsp maybe

    they could be in every system if they did this and left the innovation to the innovators.

  29. After testing the Eurorack the waters twice already and running out of money both times for a system that couldn’t do much, this would be awesome.
    Eurorack is definitely a boutique adventure but reasonably priced modules would allow more adventurous people to explore. It’s super fun and super expensive.
    Now they just have to release the products after announcing them and we’re all good. No teases, make a release.

      1. Because it’s a good and valid comment? It’s clear that Behringer is a predatory company with no original ideas, sticking their nose into a niche market (and a wildly creative niche at that), hoping to pry it open for commercial exposure. I’d never buy anything from them. Their way of business leads to mass-produced conformity, not creativity. They’re the Microsoft of the music industry.

  30. Some blank panels 🙂

    Joking aside, cheap but quality patch cables would be nice.

    Module wise, the IOS app Samplr as a module.

  31. +1 for case/power supply/ universal in out- midi to cv, cv to midi, eurorack mixer and utilities salad.

  32. All good, but you will need to hire Cambridge Analytica to sort out your hits on Google… Behringer has made zillions of inexpensive audio mixers for more than twenty years. Most of them named eurorack-something…

  33. USB / MIDI / CV I/O DC-coupled analog-digital interface.
    Something to convert multiple analog inputs to USB/MIDI and convert multiple virtual CV’s to analog. Optional range scaling. Optional unipolar/bi-polar levels.

    I don’t know whether Eurorack ir desktop format but something to blow ExpertSleepers out of the water with their over-priced interface adaptors !!

  34. Here’s an idea; do something original AND don’t copy/Research & Duplicate others ideas. But you won’t because your company has yet to come up with any original thoughts, products or ideas…

  35. Would be excellent if you also sold the populated PCBs for these modules, without the pots, switches, etc at a much lower price than the full unit. This would allow people to DIY the rest for either a different modular format, or to build their own standalone synths by connecting various components. People could even make their own poly synths by choosing various components to buy, assuming the price is right.

  36. Fully analog sequencer with per-step glides, second CV out, and sliders for the pitch.

    Envelope and VCA combination would be cool too.

  37. the basics would be great: VCO’s, LFO’s, ADSR’s, filters. Specialty modules would be great too, it would be great to see how creative they can get.
    For those of you saying “stay out of Eurorack,” – seriousl? this is the best news I’ve read all year. Eurorack is expensive, it’s not a hobby that’s easy to start for lower income people.

  38. Voting for some affordable cases. Maybe some cheap but feature rich MIDI-2-CV solutions. Clones of Roland 100M, ARP 2500 and EMS would be nice too. But I’m very much against undercutting Doepfer with a line of cheap basic modules.

  39. A cheap midi/cv interface (it would be great if it had usb AND usb host ports). And a clone of waldorf kb37 🙂

    1. He doesn’t *actually* care what we think, he only wants to be talked about.

      He’s going to make what he finds profitable and what people are already talking about/buying elsewhere.

  40. Arf no clones please, Eurorack is all about creative modules imho and for clones we already have tons of DIY guys who do that very well. Bring something creative and new, surprise us 😉

  41. I would say affordable cases (in various sizes), this was the biggest barrier to me even looking at Eurorack.

    The 100m clones look great and would become a must buy for me personally. I really wanted one of the 500 systems but at nearly £1900 that’s a lot of money to find.

    As suggestions for other modules – maybe the EMS VCS3/Synthi modules split out into eurorack form (add a bus to add a pin/switch matrix so they can all interconnect). My other suggestion is some Simmons SDSV/SDS7 modules – maybe even ask if Dave Simmons would be up for a collaboration? Final one would be as suggested by another user on here, Moog Model 15 – again, split as separate modules to keep it affordable.

    Also, midi to CV converters, a few utilitarian modules (maybe even simple kits). Maybe even a few simple complete voice synths (EDP Wasp) and also maybe a lo-fi wavetable oscillator module – 8 bit waveforms – something a bit PPG-ish but also one that you can add your own wavetables via an app?

    I don’t think more clones of some of the currently manufactured modules should be added unless they are significantly different or bring something new to the party.

  42. If you want mass market you might as well target the Walmart crowd. Make the Fisher-Price equivalent of eurorack modules and keep the module costs below $99 each. Create a starter kit, use plastic cases, plastic faceplates and bright colors and the masses will have to buy it.

    Next up add some Star Wars, Disney, Marvel and/or DC Comics licensing and you’ll have a Christmas bonanza!

    1. Don’t think the walmart crowd are out shopping for eurorack. And if Behringer want to do bright coloured plastic faceplates thats fine. Sounds good to me. At $50 that would be perfectly accpetable. Dont really understand what your point is, other than ranting at Behringer.

      As for the Star Wars/Disney comment. Totally meaningless in this context.

  43. Hi Uli! If you’re new to eurorack then visit muffwiggler.com, just kidding. Would love to see some eurorack from you guys! Utility modules are what sucks to pay tons for. Like simple mixers, attenuators, high/low-pass filters, buffered/passive multiples, standard lfo´s etc. Even simple stuff like a quad oscilator would be superb. I would really like alternatives in that segment.

    Also, if not powered cases but just high quality powersupply with a easy bus board mounting would be ace.

  44. It would be cool if Behringer cloned a legendary synth like the Juno-60 , but the Oberheim SEM would perhaps be even cooler, and I bet they would sell heaps of them.

  45. None of our opinions matter, Uli is only going to take an existing product line and clone it anyway.

    Why broadcast his PR so?

  46. I like what I’m seeing / reading. It’s always been my dream to own a moderately sized System 100M and this new stuff from Behringer may represent the closest I ever come to doing so. Unless Hans Zimmer would be kind enough to donate to my cause haha. 😉

  47. Interesting how different those news are perceived here. Muffwigglers and Eurorack FB groups are fearing mass extinction of small manufacturers which comprise 90% of the scene. Behringer surely will argue that they’re increasing the market by making it more accessible, but does modular really have mainstream potential? I doubt it and wouldn’t be surprised if within 5 years the hype would be gone. That being said, I’d like me some Neutron osc module. Not in red please, thanks!

    1. Eurorack has been around for almost 25 years… that’s some staying power. Behringer is a corporate vampire sucking the life out of this wildly creative scene.

    1. Oh yeah, let’s copy some existing modules from one-man companies *facepalm*! Especially in case of MI that would be a tragedy and give the open source idea a serious blow if a major player like Behringer would exploit it and save cost on R&D that way. Seriously, I might boycott Behringer for good if they did that… would be waaaay beyond what they did to Moog.

      1. If i had the money I would buy all these modules from the original companys but I dont have it and I make music for fun… So please understand that some people dont want to spend so much money… And I mean MI is producing on a very high standart I think they could drop their prices too but they wont because they have a monopol… When behringer is possible to produce for 49 Euro modules why not other companys?

        1. A monopoly? Are you insane? Mutable is a one-man business run by a talented and experienced DSP engineer. Judging by the fact that the best Behringer can come up with for their big announcement are clones of vintage Roland modules, there’s more creativity in his workshop than in the entire corporate HQ of Behringer.

          1. Hate so much you like behringer will produce with or without your amen 😛
            And I, like many other people will buy this… And you can buy your expensive modules… All are happy 🙂

        2. All MI codes are open source. So much about monopoly. If you can’t afford the modules, then get VCV rack. It’s free and won’t kill MI (the devs actually asked Olivier if they could use his code). Just to make sure: you understand the causal connection between MI going out of business and no more MI modules (also nothing to clone), right?

  48. I want a 6 channel stereo mixer with stereo sends and returns, with cv control of volume and panning, and 1/4″ outs and I don’t want to pay some colossal amount just to put such a thing in my eurorack case. This seems like Behringer’s unforeseen calling, as they have always offered that sort of utility.

  49. The guy has an army of cheap laborers… a factory the size of a small town… the best he can come up with is to clone some vintage Roland modules (which Roland is already working on)? It’s a race to the bottom, and like many business based in China, the guy has no respect for intellectual property laws. He’s a parasite and I’d never buy anything with his name on it.

  50. This might sound boring but some basic utility modules in affordable form would be appreciated, like VCA, ADSR, LFO, mixer, etc. People will always flock to high end VCOs, filter clones, and innovative modules like Make Noise and Mutable Instruments which are expensive but unique. Trying to compete there is a bit risky. But making some of the more basic and universal parts of a Eurorack setup affordable would be good and appreciated.

  51. -Eurorack: colection of diferent filters from the history and experimental ones like studio electronics did. FX processor from TC electronics, sampler/granular, filterbank, noise generator with many types, Tube filters or EG or Osc
    -Mixer: USB / stereo line audio mixer like rolands MX1 but better and thinked for the electronic music studio with DAW control and modular with CV GATe control like new CV channel of Zahl s analog mixer AM1 but much more cheaper as we spect; ad AVB networking. Imagine in a few years the picture of a studio all with behringer synths and the mixer must to be ideal for a electronic music studio… come on! the X32 is made for live more than for studio with synths, dont have even line ins!!!!
    -AVB products cheaper tha DANTE networking

  52. Hi!
    Besides making inexpensive (but Behringer-high-quality) rack cases and skiffs with and without power module and with a system to mount several cases together like the 4MS and Arturias etc, I would love to see
    – a polyphonic USB/MIDI-to-CV interface
    – a decent Pitch-to-CV converter with Envelope follower (like Roland 170)
    – an INs module like an mic/instrument-channel with compressor/limiter (XLR and line inputs)
    – an OUTs module, L&R output (balanced/unbalanced), headphones output and perhaps with Denoiser/Exciter (?)
    – a USB module for powering lamps and external devices like iPads etc
    – a Joystick module (like Intellijel Planar)
    – a multi-dimensional touch-sensitive control surface-module
    – a Breath Controller module like the Pulp Logic (Blow and Draw) or for the Yamaha Breath controllers
    – lightpipe/cv-interfaces like the ones from Expert sleepers
    – different Multiples modules
    – cheap packages of patch cables
    Kind Regards
    Keep up the good spirit of bringing eurorack to the masses!!!

  53. Maybe a keyboard with multiple cv-outs.
    A keyboard made for modular, like the arturia keystep, but made for modular synths. And with all the extras you’d expect, like arpeggio and sequencing, mod and pitch over cv, maybe some smart way to polyphony.
    In a nice wood-side-panel case…

  54. Come on.. make me a Buchla Music Eisel clone already lol:) seriously though, if anyone could make an affordable Buchla clone it would be Behringer

  55. The Eurorack module I think I want most is the module group of the digital synthesizer. Although analog synthesizer is full of many markets, digital modules such as FM, wave table, sampling, etc. should be deformed very thrilling by combining with the module group of the analog synthesizer which comes out earlier. And please be sure to install the sound memory function on them. Thank you;-)

  56. A powed case(a skiff, and a 9u one), utilities, maybe in 1u. Like: offset, output, intrument and line input, midi to cv, divider/multiplier, mult, pingable lfo or adsr, ect. All these things can be made very cheap, everybody needs them, nobody likes to spend too much cash on them.

  57. It would be really cool if you made highly unusual and innovative modules. Or modules that are even more mutable than Mutable Instruments’ stuff. The clones are cool in one way but there is not much in the way of innovation. Go for clones of synths that are no longer in production like your ARP 2600. I can’t wait to play that when it’s released. So far your most interesting synth is the Neutron and also the Deepmind synths. Think how unique a module like Marbles from MI is or how unusual the Arturia Microfreak is. Bring something totally new and interesting to the game, that’s my vote!

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