Stylophone GEN X-1 Analog Stylus Synthesizer Now Available

The Dubreq Stylophone GEN X-1  – a souped-up version of the classic Stylophone – is now available in the US.

In the video above, Dubreq’s John Simpson gives us a hands-on demo of the Stylophone Gen X1 at the 2017 NAMM Show.


  • A stylus keyboard and separate sound strip
  • LFO square and triangle wave
  • Low pass filter cutoff/resonance
  • Sub octaves -1 & -2
  • Envelope attack/decay
  • Delay time/feedback
  • X button pulse width modulation
  • Mini-jack in/out
  • Built-in speaker
  • Battery operated

Pricing and Availability

The Stylophone GEN X-1 is available now for $69.99/€69.99.

10 thoughts on “Stylophone GEN X-1 Analog Stylus Synthesizer Now Available

  1. Must be real high-end technology, if it took more than one year to finish THAT ….~
    Oh wait – hasn’t the “now available” news been published in September 2017 already?

    1. I am glad it does not have midi. It is not an instrument to be handled as such. Similar to a Theremin…. you can easily record and if you need to edit, you can do so with the audio.

    1. Not necessarily. Parameter quantization is not an issue with 14 bit midi as it has 16 384 values instead of the 127 on regular midi. For example Moog Voyager, Sub37 and Minitaur all have midi knobs.

  2. The kind folks over there sent me one last year to use for a few albums I produced which would be available already…. Maybe this is a re-announcement or something similar or a new marketing roll out…. either way…. It is a great instrument for additional sounds. I have had fun with it as have my clients.

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