Behringer Model D Synthesizers Orders Top 25,000

Behringer announced today that it’s made 10,000 of their Model D Minimoog clones, and they have another 15,000 orders to build:

As of today we have now produced over 10,000 Model D’s but we still have another 15,000 to go. With the rate the orders are coming in, we’re not even sure by when we will be able to catch up.

I like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your amazing support as many of you have helped in the design of this synth marvel.
Some of you might still remember how we went through 3 design cycles and added features many of your requested. The history is actually all in this thread.

Delivering products that make a difference in our customers’ lives is the sole purpose why we exist.
Trust me when I say that the team has been working their butts off to make you happy. So proud of the team!

What a ride…


29 thoughts on “Behringer Model D Synthesizers Orders Top 25,000

  1. Amazing synth for an amazing price, thx behringer… Im really happy that Behringer starts with Eurorack first time in my life that I can really think about my own modular synth 🙂

    1. The market has spoken. Get over it already. You don’t wonder who ripped off the design of your combustion engine every time you sit in your car

  2. Interesting thought…

    A company like Behringer has more capital to invest in inventory than a smaller company like Moog. Together with the economies of scale and being a low cost product they are making ‘way’ more money off their Moog than Moog Music makes on the original.

    1. Moog Minimoog. Retail Price $3000, Dealer Price $2250, BOM Cost $500. Net per unit $1750. Net for 750 total units = ~$1.3M.
    2. Behringer D. Retail Price $400, Dealer Price $300, BOM cost $90. Net per unit $210. Net for 25,000 total units = ~$5.35M.

    Behringer builds 10k at a time so needs to invest about $1M to make. Moog build 250 max at a pop and needs to invest $125k to make a run.

    1. Moog’s cost on the Model D is way more than $500. The wood alone would run hundreds. I’m guessing close to double that.

      1. I would estimate the Minimoog BOM cost is $650 maximum. Wholesale price must be at least 3.5x BOM cost or it’s not really a viable product for a company like Moog.

    2. I think your priceguessing is very wrong both moog and behringer manufacturing costs are way higher and he Moog made 2000 of the Model D.

  3. $299.00 talks to a lot of wallets….3K does not. I love Moog gear but it’s priced high. I understand it’s hand built n the company is employee owned. I want to see them stay around like most of us do. Uli is listening to its customers really well. Not sure if Moog is doing the same.

    Personally I’m getting 2 of the Neutrons when they get released.

  4. By the time these orders are filled, the Behringer Model E will be released.

    Thank you ladies and germs. I said that for free. I’ll be here all week.

  5. The “Shop related products” advert below this page has “Moog Minimoog Model D $3499”.

    Anyway, Moog shouldn’t dwell in the past, they know that, and are instead taking their brand forward with new innovative products.

  6. Behringer announced today that it’s made 10,000 of their Model D Minimoog clones, and they have another 15,000 orders to build”

    False. They have made nothing. They don’t make them. They didn’t really design them either. Just facts.

      1. It’s actually a fair point; Spud is noting that the manufacturing is heavily “farmed out” and the design, well, that was done a long time ago by other folks.

        1. The Behringer D doesn’t have a single part in it that is the same as the MiniMoog D. It’s been completely redone and has numerous additional features as well. So saying the design was done a long time ago is false. FactCheck.rabidbat rates these claims “Liar liar pants on fire”. Better luck next time friends.

          1. Didn’t know parts and design were the same thing. Behringer don’t use the same parts as a Moog?… wow, you don’t say? Cuz….oh well never mind.

  7. I won’t buy another Behringer product or ‘music group’ product in general, after the Arturia key step rip off fiasco

    It’s one thing to make vintage synths affordable to the masses, it’s plain theft to take a contemporary
    design on the current market and make a cheaper rip off.

    Intellectual property theft, Arturia should have taken them to court because this sets a precedent that
    de-values the industry as a whole down to shady, knockoff chinese amazon levels.

    There’s not a mainstream music company I’d like to see go bust more than behringer.
    but they won’t because you people, just want what you want with out thinking about the

    It’s just the market today, tomorrow it’s no more innovation because boutique companies
    who come up with the ideas you love to buy, can no longer afford to compete against
    units mainstream producers make according to how many 10’s of thousands of units
    they can knock off from old ideas…

    Think about it… Support the people who come up with the ideas!

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