TC Electronic TC2290-DT Hardware-Controlled Delay Effect

TC Electronic has introduced the TC2290-DT,  a unique-hardware controlled delay plugin for MacOS & Windows.

The system emulates the classic sound of the 80’s TC2290 dynamic delay, but lets you run multiple instances, combining the benefits of tactile control with the flexibility of software.


  • Desktop controlled plug-in brings legendary TC2290 dynamic delay to your DAW
  • Complete delay solution with extensive modulation capabilities for your favorite audio software
  • High-quality tactile interface with authentic “look and feel” of celebrated TC2290 rack delay
  • Custom-designed signature presets featuring world-class artists and recording engineers
  • High-resolution input/output meters for accurate signal monitoring
  • DAW tempo, automation and project recall support

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The TC2290-DT is priced at US $349. See the TC Electronic site for details.

6 thoughts on “TC Electronic TC2290-DT Hardware-Controlled Delay Effect

  1. hmmmm. seems a little gimmicky to me – i don’t want to put something on my desk that is a controller for only one plugin. but, the plugin sounds mighty nice to my ears in the demos. Not for me but I have no doubt that some people will make some good stuff with it.

  2. I’d love to see this as a full hardware version, not just a plugin/controller. Probably not going to happen though…..

  3. No chance I am paying $349 for something that should have been hardware but requires a computer. Maybe I track down the original.

  4. Nice looking dongle. If it were a hardware delay not just controller box I might even consider getting one as it seems pretty compact.

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