WMD Fracture Multi-Particle Crowd Percussion Synthesizer Now Available

WMD’s new Fracture multi-particle percussion synthesizer Eurorack module is now available.

Fracture uses single impulse samples like Claps, Snaps and Ping Pong Balls and then plays a group of similar samples back in a psuedo-random order, creating a crowd effect.

In the video above, WMD’s Alex Anderson gives us an overview of Fracture at this year’s NAMM Show. The video below offers  studio demo of Fracture’s sonic possibilities:


  • Stereo output
  • Control over “how many people” and ” how tight” they sound together
  • Built in Hall and Room reverb
  • Two Trigger inputs for different types of sounds
  • 3 Filter types, 3 Envelope types
  • Free running, Voltage Controlled “applause” capability
  • CV over all parameters

Pricing and Availability

Fracture is available now for US $269. See the WMD site for more info.

3 thoughts on “WMD Fracture Multi-Particle Crowd Percussion Synthesizer Now Available

  1. I always find it a bit odd there’s no reference to predecessor gear e.g. Simmons Claptrap. Seems cool but definitely riffs on that, no?

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