One thought on “How To Build A DIY Spring Reverb Kit

  1. Just finished the Thonk kit myself, great kit and a great reverb. I wouldn’t recommend the kit for total beginners as the pcb’s are fairly tight, though the right tools (soldering iron and solder and some solder-wick to remove exces solder or correct mistakes) goes a long way. The building instructions are top notch with pictures of the pcb’s for every stage of the process.

    You can use this kit with a spring tank or with a digital reverb brick (available at Thonk). With the expander you’ll be able to x-fade between a tank and the brick, and you’ll be able to connect the tank from the front panel, making it easy to switch tanks if so desired.

    The brick is an excelent choice if you just need a reverb, though the spring-tank has the cool extra you can “play the springs”.

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