Heavy MIDI Controllers For Heavy Music

Tristan Shone is a mechanical engineer, fine artist and a performer of doom metal music as Author & Punisher.

This video, via Noisey, takes a look at how Shone has applied his knowledge of mechanical engineering to creating custom MIDI controllers. Of particular interest is his take on how the physical qualities of MIDI controllers have a direct effect on the performance – how you can ‘hear the heaviness’ of the controllers.

6 thoughts on “Heavy MIDI Controllers For Heavy Music

  1. Yea, that is truly amazing and unique.

    Sometimes musicians try to express that sound & feeling of mass in their playing. Laying back, a certain kind of swing. I imagine it must feel good to play with controllers that provide that kind of experience.

    I like that he admits these are just regular MIDI controllers with a different feel to them.

  2. It is amazing the disconnect between how important the interface is on how you play the sounds and the complete lack of commercially available, innovative controllers.

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