Audio Damage Announces Quanta Granular Synthesizer

Audio Damage has introduced Quanta, a new granular synthesizer for AAX, AU, VST, VST3, and iOS.

Quanta is a 10-voice granular synthesizer, built around an easy-to-use and capable granular engine, with a “sidecar” oscillator that can be used in addition to the granular source, or mixed in with it, or instead of it.

Here’s what AD has to say about it:

We’d just like to say that we’re very proud of this instrument, which is the result of many months of research and development in both DSP and user interface methods, and the first product of this new chapter in the history of Audio Damage.

Our goal was to try to make granular synthesis as easy to understand and use as subtractive, and to make it as musical and playable as possible. Whether we’ve succeeded or not is up to you folks to decide, of course, but we are really pleased with what we’ve come up with here, and are excited to show it to you.


  • Quanta has two multi-mode filters and a cross-platform preset mechanism, and can load AIFF, WAV, Ogg, FLAC, and MP3 format samples.
  • Quanta also features our AD’s Flexible Envelope Generator (FEG), which is an arbitrary-length breakpoint generator with optional host tempo sync. Easily add and remove breakpoints, and set loop points and curves. These envelope generators are essentially sequencers in their own right, and Quanta has four of them.
  • Quanta also has a pair of Flexible LFOs. The FLFO has, for all intents and purposes, an unlimited series of waveforms that are  accessed via the SHAPE, SKEW, and WARP knobs.
  • Quanta has a full modulation matrix page; touch a knob and it instantly scrolls to that row, allowing you to easily and quickly direct modulation sources throughout the synth; virtually every control in the synth engine can be modded.
  • In addition, Quanta is fully MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) capable, and owners of MPE controllers such as the Linnstrument, Haken Continuum, Roli Seaboard and Rise, and Madrona Labs Soundplane can utilize their full expression range.

Quanta for iOS is functionally identical to the desktop versions, and will be available as standalone and AUv3 (iPad only); presets created on the desktop can be used in the mobile version and vice-versa.

Pricing and Availability

Quanta is still under development, so pricing and availability are still to be determined.

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      1. yeah, i dropped those guys a line a long time ago asking them to update those plug ins, i don’t recall getting an answer. i wish they would… DFX!

  1. New Audio Damage App?!! I’m in!! Good quality Apps!! I’ve got all of them n they purr sweet!

    Thank you again Audio Damage. Can’t wait to download!!!

  2. This would be cool to see in Eurorack….oh…wait….never mind..

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