Roland SE-02 Patch Editor Now Available

Studio Electronics has introduced an official standalone editor for the Roland SE-02 synthesizer.

The SE-02 is a boutique-format analog synthesizer, created by Roland in collaboration with Studio Electronics, creators of the MidiMini, SE-1, ATC-1, Omega 8, Boomstar, and Tonestar synthesizers.

The Studio Electronics SE-02 patch editor, for Mac & Windows, offers full real-time control of all synth parameters, full library management and auditioning, Patch Blending, Random Patch Generation, and edit and compare customization.

SE says that ‘the seamless integration and coordination of the two closely interacting systems, real and virtual, massively increase the programmer’s grasp of the total signal, timbre, and control flow.’

Switch programs, tweak sound parameters, or move to another bank: editor and hardware and editor settings will correspond; a contextual menu, with all features available, will be displayed by right-clicking the display. Copying and pasting, and rearranging your patches—a bear with just the box and your DAW in front of you—is now gentle on the mind, perhaps even enjoyable. Better still: saving and reloading banks (all within a few minutes) without disconnecting, power recycling, and reconnecting, as well as transcending and expanding the single User bank limitations is reason enough to get on board.


1. Official Roland approved and supported editor.
2. Complete front panel implementation with expanded features.
3. Alpha-numeric patch naming/renaming.
4. Deep and detailed Patch and Bank exploration modification made easy.
5. Visual Patch edit and compare of all parameters.
6. Bank saving/loading without disconnecting, rebooting, and reconnecting.
7. Expressive MIDI Learn Random Patch Generator (Santoul version).
8. Patch Blending: morphs two patches into a new storable sound (Santoul version).
9. ‘Crazy useful (and very French)’ random patch name generator.

Pricing and Availability

The SE-02 editor standalone app is available in two versions:

  • Basic Standalone: $4.99
  • Santoul Standalone: $12.99. Includes Patch Blender, and MIDI Learn/Random Patch Generator.”

VSTi and Audio Unit are planned for ‘later on in 2018’.

5 thoughts on “Roland SE-02 Patch Editor Now Available

  1. Now that more people have their hands on these. Is the knob wobble and small size really an issue?

    1. I think knob wobble was only on the pre-production units? I haven’t had any knob wobble on mine. But the small size of the knobs is a bit fiddly.

      1. That’s good to hear. I’d like to hear other owners opinions on this unit’s build quality if possible.

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