10 thoughts on “Berlin Sequencing On A Behringer D Synthesizer

  1. Alba, that’s a sweet piece of synthing. Berlin style is a natural fit for Moogs, but your approach to the knobs felt very T-Dream-y in a good way. Now I have a better feel for how good this iteration of the synth is. People can slag Behringer if they like, but there’s no arguing with the purity of the sound.

    1. Thank you! “We all” hated Behringer at some point because of some noisy mixers or whatever! But man, this Model D sounds really great and have not a single bad word for it.

  2. Really nice demo! I’m unfamiliar with the term Berlin school – I would have suspected 2000’s minimal techno or modeselektor under that term. What are some of the artists / bands you’d say?

    1. Tangerine Dream and Klause Schulze are the top suspects when it comes to Berlin School. Check any of their stuff from the 70s and early 80s on YouTube.

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