New Open Source Modular For Organelle, Orac

Developer Mark Harris has introduced Orac, an open source modular system for the Critter & Guitari Organelle.

Orac is essentially an open source virtual studio that lets you create and save patches, using a wide variety of modules. Orac makes it much easier to create deep patches on the Organelle and to make use of the power of the Organelle’s hardware.

Orac can host these components, link them together in sequential or parallel tracks, pass around audio and MIDI data, keep everything in sync (along with Ableton Link support), and support full MIDI in and out, and includes MIDI learn for easy controller mapping.

And, because Orac is open source, it has the potential to grow into something much bigger, if there’s developer interest in adapting it for other open hardware platforms.

The video above, via loopop, offers an overview and demo of Orac on the Organelle. The following videos, via developer Mark Harris, offer his take on getting started with Orac and creating modules:

Pricing and Availability

Orac is available now as a free download via Patchstorage.

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