Catalyst Audio Brings Buchla 100 Modules Back In Eurorack Format

At Superbooth 2018, Catalyst Audio gave us an overview and demo of their line of Buchla 100 modules, which are based on the original 60’s modules, but adapted for the Euro format.

The current line includes:

  • The Model 106 is a 100% discrete transistor-based 6 input audio mixer.
  • The Model 110 is 4 independent transistor-based voltage controlled amplifiers behind one panel.
  • The Model 156M is a modern update of the original 156, designed to work within the paradigm of the original 100 series and to interface with modern Eurorack gear.
  • The Model 158 is a dual-oscillator created out of an entirely discrete transistor core.
  • The Model 180 is 100% discrete transistor-core dual-channel A/D A/H/D function generator (envelope).

See the Catalyst Audio site for details.

One thought on “Catalyst Audio Brings Buchla 100 Modules Back In Eurorack Format

  1. Sounds great. I checked the site, and the modules aren’t cheap, but aren’t stupidly expensive, either.

    Can anyone recommend what modules one would need for a basic Buchla 100 system?

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