Kronecker Clockwork Synthesizer For iOS

iceWorks has introduced Kronecker, described as “a synthesizer with a mechanism to make sounds many times like a rhythm machine each time you press a keyboard.”

In addition to synchronizing the trigger speed to the tempo, you can gradually increase the speed or slow it down after pressing the key. This makes it possible to produce synthesizer sounds like bouncing balls and clockwork toys.

Here’s a video demo:

Kronecker has four emitters that emit sound particles, made from FM tones and noise. At the emitter, you can specify at what timing the sound particles will be triggered. You can also add effects such as the pitch and tone of particles gradually changing.

Particles emitted by the emitter can be processed with two resonators, and you can reproduce sounds like particles jumping on strings and pipes.

Pricing and Availability

Kronecker is available now, for US $7.99.

One thought on “Kronecker Clockwork Synthesizer For iOS

  1. I like it. The tempo based stuff as a sound design component was the main reason I got it but I do have all their other synths so would have probably bought it anyway. So far not disappointed.

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