Applied Acoustics Systems Intros ‘Solids’ Sound Library

Applied Acoustics Systems has introduced Solids, a new sound pack for the Chromaphone 2 ‘Acoustic Object Synthesizer’ and AAS Player plug-ins.

The sound pack was created by sound designer Francis Preve of Symplesound.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The wide range of sounds runs the gamut of essential house organs and electric pianos to cinematic textures that shimmer and evolve. A variety of electric guitar and plucked string elements, as well as an array of hyper-realistic bells and chimes, also augment the set.

At times, Solids blurs the line between analog, FM, and physical modeling with punchy basses, delicate plucks, and ethereal pads—perfectly suited for synthwave and soundtrack productions.

These 102 patches complement beautifully the original Chromaphone 2 factory library by combining both familiar keyboard classics with utterly unique experimental textures.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The Solids sound pack is available now for Mac & Windows, with an intro price of US $19.

2 thoughts on “Applied Acoustics Systems Intros ‘Solids’ Sound Library

  1. Preve is a known synth demigod and every patch of his that I use proves it nicely. He has a powerful programming ear. I already get great use from the AAS Strum guitar modeler, so this offer tempts me, even though I already have Sculpture in Logic for PM duties. I don’t generally like to have double or triple sources of the same sound generation family, because it can lead to creative clutter, but AAS’s only real flaw is that their GUIs are not resizable. The *sound* quality rules. I don’t want to take up a modular, so this may be an interesting alternative for experimentation.

  2. I’ve used Sculpture for years and it’s probably one of my favorite synths, but Chromaphone 2 is also. I bought this sound library a few days ago and it really shows the diverse sounds you can get from Chromaphone. Even though Sculpture and Chromaphone 2 are both PM synths, they have different strengths and interfaces.
    I do know what you mean about not having double or triple sources of the same sound generation family causing creative clutter. That’s one reason I don’t use Arturia’s V Collection or NI Reaktor.

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