Improvisation On Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Synthesist ann annie shared this ambient/new age modular synth improvisation, Blush, featuring the Mutable Instyruments Rings, Plaits & Clouds modules.

Technical details below:

/SEQUENCING ~ Kawai Piano acting as large midi controller, no sound used.

Hermod as a MIDI – CV converter in live 3 voice mode. Sending pitch and Gate to Rings (x2) and Plaits.

//HARP (KEYS) ~ Two Rings and Plaits processed by Clouds and Pico DSP

//HIGH REFLECTIONS ~ Clouds (Granular Mode) Processed by Pico DSP in Stereo Delay Mode.

5 thoughts on “Improvisation On Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

  1. meh. Not crazy about this really. I’ve heard way better stuff coming out of Eurorack. This is pretty generic.

  2. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this, given the relatively simple setup, but
    I was totally bowled over by the richness and delicacy of this piece. Brava.

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