Haken Audio Continuum Presentation At Superbooth 2018

This video, via HerrSchneider, captures the Haken Audio Gesprächskonzert (lecture & concert) by Ed Eagan & Christophe Duquesne.

Eagan and Duquesne work with Continuum inventor Lippold Haken, developing the synthesis capabilities of the instrument.

Here, they present the new ContinuuMini, a smaller and more affordable Continuum instrument, and the La Voix du Luthier Onde speaker.

One thought on “Haken Audio Continuum Presentation At Superbooth 2018

  1. I love watching these guys never gets old. The mini seems too much like a ribbon controller to me the lack of a Y axis and being mono really hurts it. The onde should’ve had a comparison to better demonstrate the difference in sound I personally would never consider taking my $3400 continuum out to the woods to jam.

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