New Stereo Parametric EQ For VCV Rack, VCV Parametra

VCV Rack creator Andrew Belt let us know about a new premium plugin for the platform, VCV Parametra.

VCV Parametra is a stereo parametric EQ for the open-source virtual modular synthesizer VCV Rack. It features eight CV-controllable filters and a spectrum viewer. It also offers 17 types of filters for polishing tracks in a mix or designing complex VCFs allowing audio-rate modulation.

Here’s what Belt has to say about Parametra:

Many albums and EPs have been made entirely with VCV Rack, but a common difficulty is mixing them professionally, without a DAW-like parametric EQ to lay tracks nicely into the mix.

VCV made Parametra to solve this problem, but in the spirit of modular synthesizers, all parameters are CV-controllable, so you can use it like an instrument as well as a static effect.

Pricing and Availability

VCV Parametra is available now for US $30. It a plugin for VCV Rack, which is available for free for Mac, Windows & Linux. Belt notes that the cost supports the development of the VCV Rack platform.

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