37 thoughts on “UNO Synth Tutorial By Erik Norlander

  1. man, I really want this when it comes out – it is such a cool addition to a battery operated setup

  2. Makes a great stocking stuffer! Its a nice semi-starter synth that’s deeper than it first appears to be. It sounds pretty good alone, so I figure its going to end up as a system expander for a lot of tabletop rigs. Its very basic, but its still a win.

    1. it sounds better when you aren’t staring at a display.

      with no display you have to depend more on your ears and muscle memory and that makes the music better.

    2. Dude you have really got to get over this. It’s beciming predictable and is completely unnecessary. We get it, you make music with your eyes, not your ears.

      1. Well said prlj…. Same mindless crap EVERY time ANYTHING comes onto the market….

        To him every synth, sequencer.. basically ANY piece of gear that came to market before 1982 must be shit!…. Whereas all of the crap gear that filled the market in the ’90’s with huge screens (but sounded awful) are seventh heaven!

        Let him carry on with his eyes… the rest of us can carry on using our ears!!

        1. > To him…

          > …every synth, sequencer.. basically ANY piece of gear
          > that came to market before 1982 must be shit!
          compared to what came later, yup. i put a pin in that. even bob moog would have agreed with me.

          1. Ragnhild…

            Him/her? I don’t give a monkeys… either way your ignorance is still astounding.

            As for your problem with anything minus a display, do you not now see that your predictability means every time you post the same nonsense it becomes laughable?

            Either just let it go, or with all due respect, stay quiet.

              1. Yawn..

                Firstly, your insults are poor… “synth hoarder”.. wow.. that hits hard.

                Secondly, Nick would see you (exactly like everyone else does on here) for what you really are… so let’s just leave it there.

                From now on.. you comment away… you’ll get zero interaction with me because having now googled your past comments, it’s obvious that you really have nothing of any worth to say.

                There are plenty of really great, knowledgable, thinking people on here…. fortunately there are a very few like you.

                1. Ty,it would be a good idea to leave your hostility at the door. you rarely have anything of value to say other than to shoot down people you disagree with. it’s unhealthy, for the community, for you.

                  personally i’ve learnt a larger screen means a larger menu, which means more headaches. the screen on the sub37 is about right, anything less is next to useless (microkorg anyone?). on the other side the fairlight has so much screen, which is also part of the interface it kind of scares me, and you end up spending more time thinking about how to use the screen than the sounds you’re creating.

              2. “displays make it easier to handle gear, period. to deny the truth of that statement is damn silly.” That is precisely an opinion. Facts are empirical data based, opinions are anecdotal. You do not have data to support your claim. I have anecdotal experience as a guitar player that argues against your claim. Displays distract me from making music. Instruments that can have minimal display are superior in design, in my opinion.

            1. you could take your own advice here Ty. everyone is entitled to an opinion. they don’t need to be called names, for continuing to assert their opinion.

              1. Hi blackbauble

                Firstly don’t worry about my health… I’m fine thanks…

                Secondly… if you don’t think I say anything of any worth and just put people down… thanks for your opinion.. please just skip over my comments next time

                Thirdly.. I am ALWAYS the first to say that ANYONE’S opinion is as valid as the next as long as it comes from a place of knowledge and experience…. if it doesn’t come from there then read and learn.

                Fourthly… go and check ragnhild’s past comments… just check the theme, check out the attitude…. then you’ll understand why people like me (who are incredibly open minded and have a fair amount of knowledge and experience) react to her in this way.

                Fifthly… back to the original comment about screens… we ALL know that having a screen of some sorts makes life easier, and sometimes MAKES a product special… my argument is, and has always been, to just dismiss a product as crap because it DOESN’T have a screen is beyond foolish and incredibly ignorant.

                If people want to dislike this instrument for a whole load of different reasons, the interface, the sound, it’s limitations, it’s form factor… then I can start to understand (although we really SHOULD remember the price!) but JUST because we can’t name the patches and don’t have to spend all day menu diving????? Really???

                1. man, you seems to be really pissed off with me. what a pity. i have to admit that i envy your virus ti2 whiteout limited edition. just in case you want to sell it, please let me know. actually, i would have liked to pitch an idea to you, a possible joint project. i guess the chances are slim now that a common undertaking between you and me will ever happen. too bad. bye-bye, brit award. anyway. peace.
                  p.s.: roland once nailed it with this beauty of a display:

                  1. Ragnhild….

                    Please read my reply to blackbauble…. I’m pissed off with nobody… but I do stand by every word about the reasoning behind dissing a product.

                    As for the other thing.. I’m flattered that you would even consider me, so thanks for whatever it was, but I’ll sleep ok tonight in complete ignorance.

                    Whatever it is and whoever you end up doing it with, good luck, I hope it works out well for you.

                  2. do you actually think about what you post or just mash your keyboard with your face press “post comment”?

          2. what a joke.
            on pyramid you complain there is no sound engine, on this you lack a screen.
            how bout you refrain from telling us what you specifically lack on each kit that comes out.
            it is what it is. either buy it or dont.
            you reall think anyone gives a damn about your wants and needs.
            i mean sure you can keep making a tool out of yourself online if that works for you.

    3. how much display do you think you need on a 2 osc monosynth? if you can’t figure it out from the interface you got some learnin to do.

      1. She (apparently) likes to “name things”. Without a display you can’t name your precious patches and you will have to live without menu diving.

        However it looks like “she” got bored of her own trolling, since she left her favorite part, “my E2 blows it out of the water, screen-wise”, out.

        1. please stop referring to the OP by their gender in quote marks as though there is something false or derivative about the poster being female. you could simply have used the username ragnhild

          1. In all honesty I doubt that the user in question is female. Hence the quote marks.
            Sorry if it looks like that there is something wrong with being female, because that’s not what I meant nor mean.

    4. I got a better idea. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds while you tweak the knobs. I promise you’ll get more out of your instruments.

  3. The only thing I don’t like about this is how close the cutoff knob is to the tempo knob. I would certainly change the tempo by accident while playing with the cutoff.

  4. I understand the desire for a display, but even the one on the Kronos feels cramped after getting into my DAW. OLEDs are a very good way to do the job in hardware without having to charge the Moon for a near-iPad like the one on the Quantum, even as juicy as it is. I *would* like to see at least a moderate 2- or 3-line alphanumeric display on synths like this. The one on my old Juno-1 was spartan, but also a big help in playing it. 2 cents.

  5. I preordered this because I like its sound, poratability, simplicity, and also that it specifically stays in time as you flip through presets. It’s a way make longer patterns by spreading one phrase across several banks. Labeling it as a simple beginners synth might be a bit of a quick conclusion… because It is sensible to not have a higher priced synth at times, for example – to keep it in a bag to mess around with ideas for fun and not worry too much if it gets a few scratches.

  6. I’ve preordered mine up here in Canada. Delivery in a couple of weeks. “In the hands of a skilled musician a simple instrument becomes a great instrument.”

  7. honestly it’s got the worst of all the different synth interfaces out there: the detested matrix of the microkorg, the stabby touch pads of the moog source. and the up down keys to go through presets of the korg poly 61. i’d be a nut case after 30 minutes with this thing.

  8. The lead sounds I’ve heard are all pretty samey, but I do like the idea of the parameter locking to explore creating some fun rhythmic sequences.

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