Zaquencer Step Sequencer Review & Hands-On Demo

In this video, composer Benn Jordan reviews Zaquencer, an alternative firmware for the Behringer BCR2000 that turns turns the MIDI controller into a powerful step sequencer.

Topics Covered:

  • Monologueue: 0:39
  • Firmware Installation Tutorial 3:58
  • Walkthrough 7:37
  • Completely Generative Chords/Bass: 14:40
  • More Generative Stuff: 17:42
  • MIDI Looping! 18:16

Pricing and Availability

Zaquencer is available for €79,00 at the ZAQ Audio site. A demo version is also available.

9 thoughts on “Zaquencer Step Sequencer Review & Hands-On Demo

    1. This is a brand new video review of firmware that completely re-purposes gear that many people have lying around their studio.

      Just because something isn’t brand new doesn’t mean we should ignore it.

  1. Haven’t used mine in a while because power button broke even with low usage. Annoying. But it’s a great firmware hack. I should update and re-use.

    1. Dude, a power button is super easy to fix, even if you do t know what you’re doing. YouTube to the rescue!

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