Playing The Arturia MicroBrute Expressively With The NuEVI

Synthesist Mark Steiner shared this video, demonstrating using the NuEVI Electronic Valve Instrument with a Arturia MicroBrute.

The combination showcases the expressive capabilities of the NuEVI and how expressive an inexpensive analog synth like the MicroBrute can sound.

Here’s what Steiner has to say about the video:

With the latest update for the MicroBrute, the pitch bend and mod wheel midi no longer interfere (caused bad zippering sounds). Before this, midi control from a wind synth didn’t sound very good (CV was GREAT though).

Now it sounds very smooth and great for a wind synth. You must drive the filter using the mod wheel, as the MicroBrute has very limited MIDI in. Sadly, exposing analog tones like this on Youtube does tend to add a little distortion at times, but you still get a good idea of the amazing tone this synth can get…in a fully clean way.

But it’s a very inexpensive true VCO Analog Synth and has a Nyle Steiner filter. It sounds great.

The NuEVI is currently under development by Berglund Instruments.

3 thoughts on “Playing The Arturia MicroBrute Expressively With The NuEVI

  1. Probably the best demo of the microbrute I’ve ever heard. Shows how amazing that synth is. Bring on the microbrute 2, with aftertouch.

    nuEVI is incredible. If only I could play…

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