Novation Circuit Mono Station Gets Free Update – Here’s What’s New

Novation today released a free update for the Circuit Mono Station sequencer and synth.

Circuit Mono Station v1.2 adds some powerful sequencing features, tighter integration for modular gear, the ability to create widely evolving musical sequence sand new expressive capabilities.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Patch Flip – Create unique sequences with different presets and automation per step. Using Patch Flip, Circuit Mono Station can also be used as a fully-analogue drum synthesizer.
  • Modular gear – You can now program notes into the Mod Seq page to independently control your modular and CV gear with new pitch and gate control via the CV/GATE output.
  • LFO Sync – The Circuit Mono Station LFOs have been upgraded to allow you to decouple synced LFOs from key sync. This means sequences can benefit from longer LFOs staying in sync across several notes, perfect for making widely evolving musical phrases. LFO Clock Sync can also now be controlled independently.
  • Envelope Trigger – The envelope has been upgraded and you can now choose to have legato or retriggered envelopes. This choice gives an enormous amount of extra expression in your Circuit Mono Station sequences.

Here’s an in-depth look at what’s new in v1.2:

The update is available now as a free update. See the Novation site for details.

15 thoughts on “Novation Circuit Mono Station Gets Free Update – Here’s What’s New

  1. another update? nah, i couldn´t care less. i´d like to see an upGRADE: a mk2 version with a display. before that happens, no decision to buy one can be made. it´s up to you, novation. my biological clock is ticking. i´m not that young anymore.

    1. Mods, can you please work towards a solution for this person? They are absolutely ruining what used to be a pretty decent comments section.

      1. so if you had your way, I´d be kicked out? lol, why? because i critisize the product, just like the reviewer of music radar did? his verdict was:

        “Cons: Without a screen, editing can get a touch confusing.”

        novation has to address the flaw, period. on a personal note: you don´t like me, i get it. my advice would be: don´t overdo it, or else you will achieve exactly the opposite effect. peace.

        1. It’s not that you “criticize the product”. It’s about the fact that you comment the same thing under every Circuit, Circuit Mono Station, Deluge” related post. Which is even less relevant when the post is about a Firmware Update.
          Even though, technology advanced a lot, companies are still unable to add screens in a firmware update.

          While you might think, that you “criticize the product” in the same way, the “reviewer of music radar did”, you don’t.
          You list the only thing that they see as something negative about the Circuit Mono Station while ignoring anything else.
          “Cons: Without a screen, editing can get a touch confusing.” This is not the same as saying “it’s totally useless without a screen”.
          Further, it is not the verdict.
          “Our Verdict:
          The combination of a solid analogue sound engine, uniquely powerful sequencer and competitive price point make this a must-try synth.”
          I would say, that they actually like the Mono Station and that they don’t see the missing screen as huge a flaw as you seem to do.

        2. The Circuit is dead easy to use. No screen required. The Electribe 2 has a screen and it is infinitely more tedious to work with.

    1. I like when people claim that they don’t care, but care enough to comment anyway. Needless to say, that in this case it was totally expected. So predictable. What changed however, is that there is no longer the talk about the Electribe as the good example.

      Anyway, really good update. Patch flip, certainly turns that thing into something else.

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