Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein On Scoring ‘Stranger Things’

This video, via Vanity Fair, features composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, talking about their work for the Netflix sci fi show Stranger Things.

The duos discuss how their early work led to the directors approaching them to score the show. They also talk about the biggest influences on their music, and the differences between the music of Stranger Things season one and season two.

They also talk synths, breaking down the synths used in the show’s theme and talking about how they use their collection of analog gear in creating the score.

11 thoughts on “Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein On Scoring ‘Stranger Things’

  1. Can anyone id the white-faced synth at 6:10s that they used for the main theme arps? I don’t recognize it…

    1. There’s always one guy… “no melody” kinda shows that you actually didn’t listen to the full score. There’s literally melody all over this score. Some of the key moments are quite melodic.

  2. I highly suggest folks check out these guys’ band S U R V I V E. They just released a Peel Session type release of Record Store Day featuring recordings of them performing their live set in studio. Plus their scores for seasons 1 and 2 of Stranger Things are great.

  3. I remember hearing so much ABOUT the soundtrack for this show but the music itself is the most run of the mill boring stuff that every teenager with a microkorg is making. More trendy hype as far as Iā€™m concerned. Wish the fetishization of synths would end. Otherwise get ready for the backlash synthtopia editors… would be nice to see more sunstatial posts in the meantime.

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