System80 Previews 808-Inspired Eurorack Module, Lead

Here’s a quick preview of a pair of upcoming modules from System80:

  • The System80 880 is a Eurorack format drum synth inspired by the Roland TR-808.
  • The System80 810 is VCO/VCF/VCA voice module.

Here’s what biologik has to say about the video:

Drums are the 880, lead is the 810 (with reverb), bass is the Intellijel Atlantis, and it’s all sequenced by the Harvestman Stillson Hammer.

11 thoughts on “System80 Previews 808-Inspired Eurorack Module, Lead

    1. No, no, no, you don’t understand!
      Its a “small and independent manufacturer”, so its ok them to….. hmmm… “use similararties in design” like several people said in Behringer thread. So, as i understood, anybody, except Behringer, can do this!

  1. I like the sounds, I’m note sure about the tall trimmer pots, they always feel flimsy to adjust for me. I’d always prefer alpha pots with a knob cap, even if there is little space. Or the one befaco uses with the small cap .. I’d also love to take a closer look at both machines – does anyone have links?

  2. So should we expect to hear a legal suit is brought against them from behringer now they have come to the point of suing everyone?

    Also.. ffs not another 808 clone! Surely with all the synthesis out there, someone can make something else. It’s just going to be a never ending “the real one has more weight” in comparison videos

    1. The original Nord Drum was modelled on the SDSV, though they never really made a big thing of it when it was introduced but it can sound very like the Simmons. Doesn’t quite match the deep sound of the real thing but it is a very nice unit. Later models look interesting with expanded features. As for the 880 – it looks and sounds great (not sure about the snare though, seems a bit off).

      1. The Nord drum looks amazing but could really do with some competition in that space. I know there are a lot of ideas out there for constructing percussion sounds synthetically and a lot of them sound awesome and new. There are also many companies with electronic drum set offerings yet no one seems willing to explore more territory than just really good sampling.

  3. This is outrageous! They are cloning the new Behringer Drummashine we have seen earlier on Superbooth this year!

  4. Glad I got rid of Eurorack fever before this came along. Now my mind is free to use plain old stand-alone drum machines.

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